No matter how make the hedge fund managers“…….and on and on, and on and on, at least three quarters of a foolscap page by the look of the length of the strangely constructed diatribe. They’re back, in larger quantity per shot but no change in muddled quality.

It is good to have control of nuke button, however, it would be even better if the necessity to have it, did not exist



0 thoughts on “WHEN IT IS GOOD TO NUKE

  1. I am pleased I can moderate the rubbish and unacceptable posts/phishers that come through; I wish I didn’t have to. Human nature being what it is (bless!) creates the necessity.

  2. If we have it, then we either appoint guardians of nuke power, or, at lower level, we are the guardians of it.

    Not all nuclear elements are bad, negative or damaging. People tend to conveniently forget there is another side to it. Some are not aware of this, it has been hidden. That is because the other dynamic issues, which we should be aware of too, are highlighted in the most fearful manner possible.

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