This is the doorstep conversation with one of our local postmen;

Having handed me three packages, thereby giving me two armfuls, he tells me I’d have to free up my hands to sign for the mail, (the postman just freed his passing over the load to me). :??:

Oh Lord I groaned….

No, I am not, anyway, Douglas Adams decided it[the Lord] was a cat. 88|

Continuing, the postman said,

We haven’t got any here (Lords)….

We have, on the other side of town….

Ah, but they’re not with a big ‘L’….

Yes they are…

No, not a really big ‘L’….

Like a Gothic one you mean.

BTW expect snow tomorrow…..

Thanks, says I. 8|


  1. In essence what was originally said was not incorrect, since Douglas Adams was the creator and writer.

    Postmen only have compressed time for pleasantries these days, so you get the development of a chat, if the same postie returns, at a later point: we did.


  2. The postman said he, the postman, was not the lord. A writer (now prematurely and sadly dead) said that the ruler of the universe, (in the writer’s surreality) called his cat ‘The Lord’

  3. Yep surreality rules the day quite often when we see one particular postie. This week, there was no smile because of teeth, or rather, the lack of a bit of a tooth. The postie was smiling before he left.

  4. I know, and that’s why I try to avoid saying anything other than “Thank you” to any of the large number of different posties we get. Well, that and I try to avoid speaking to almost everyone anyway…

  5. Don’t be silly, I am the Walrus, goo goo etc…

    Douglas Adams said one of the most sensible things I have ever heard, and it was this:

    Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job.

  6. President of what?

    We can all be presidents in our own homes.

    I quite like the idea of someone else doing the less attractive domestic jobs, so a 3rd party being presidential might suit. 😉

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