There was a short-lived winter blast with a snowfall last Sunday 19th February 2012. We took advantage of a quiet window in the general weather turbulence, to go out for a walk. I took my camera with me and was able to catch a variety of winter scenes.

At the harbour mouth there was a cold North Atlantic winter sea edged with snow covered cliffs across the far side of the water.

Snow +Surf

We moved on around to the sea front (on an esplanade) where we saw the sea swelling, curling into deep foaming waves. It moved on at speed and dribbled towards outcrops of rock. The snow capped cliffs depicted, are about 21 miles away from where I stood.

Snow+ Surf

A sharp cold wind was blowing off the sea and though there was super reflected sunlight, there was no way you could feel, other than cold. That said, the wonderful light brightened up everything and everyone. An intrepid walker was enjoying a trot along the sand. The fields had a thin coating of snow, allowing the dead stubble from the previous year’s harvest to show through. The sea constantly moved and the curling tips of the waves threw out high mists of foam.

From the Esplanade

This February the snowdrops have produced their flowers. Last year the plants tested out the weather conditions, and because it was so cold, they immediately, popped their heads back underground, not to be seen for at least another six weeks! They were very late. This year there are lovely clusters of snowdrops to been seen at the expected time.

2012 Feb Riverside-Snowdrops.

With the tree branches being bereft of leaves, it was easy to see pigeons and rooks looking for suitable nesting places. This pigeon was staying at its place. The rook fluttered around a bit, moved backwards and forwards on the branch; the pigeon did not budge. Seemingly unperturbed, it just looked at the visitor and sat fast. It was not going to be moved.


Presumably, deciding it was not getting any due respect, that it was not going to obtain exclusive rights to a particular place on this tree, the rook took flight.




  1. Lovely pics, menhir…and you do get the feeling of really cold weather from them…:) Pigeons amaze us, they are actually quite nervous when around the gardens, but when you see them around the heath in the trees, they are completely different…very sedate and self assured…:) I find them very gentle birds…they get knocked but we love them…:) Have a lovely day today and hope you’ve got the warm weather…:) GBHs…XXX

  2. Aah, a gloriously warm Spring day today…we have a very windy mild one today, it’s all relative though. I think our temperatures are around 9-10 degrees.

    It was odd to have ubiquitous snow coverings; then by tea time, it rained and washed all signs of the snow away.

  3. This pigeon looks to me rather like the collared dove variety, without a mate. They usually pair up for life. One of our garden pairs was ripped asunder by a marauding sparrow hawk, a year or so ago.

    Today is mild by our standards but ever so windy. Must go out at sample it soon. Glad you like the pics.


  4. I guess having the phone’s camera is a good asset. some of the current phones have good ones. My mobile phone has a camera less than a megapixel. It’s not worth using it for pictures.

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