Today’s shared wry utterances with the postman after he quickly shoves a package into my hand and is darting away up the path:

Me – how are you?
Him – struggling…erm, how are you?
Me – same as you I guess.
Him – Never mind Spring will be coming soon.
Me – Oh, and when is that?
Him – About June the 23rd I think, between 3pm-4pm.
Me – Right, I’ll watch out for it.

The plumber’s observation:

Spring, 3pm-4pm, June 23rd…..that’s the same as last year then!




  1. Your postman sounds as gregarious as ours except ours isn’t even monosylabic, he wears his earphones and iPod and never hears a thing. He did say “Hi” once but there were both me and the cat on the drive at the time so I wasn’t sure who he was talking to,

  2. It makes a good story for the rounds – hence the plumber’s input.

    We had many smiley moments from repeating the exchange with the postman.

  3. Our postman, I am sure, sometimes acts out Marvin the depressed android, very well indeed, though with the exception of a touch of humour injected into his communications. Other times, it could be a character out of Douglas Adams Guide To The Galaxy.

  4. Nous aurons le Printemps quand elle decider arrive!
    Le saison du calendrier sera ca meme de la tien.
    La vrai Printemps viens….. qui connait?


  5. The first day of spring (of nature), is the first day we smell a flavor of grass, sap, hay…

    Every year I watch for this day, day after day, I Smell, I smell, but nothing at the moment…

  6. We have plenty of hay and grass smells, especially when the grass and hay are being cut. The grass is cut more often than hay.

    Grass cutting won’t be really regular for another month or so, it is growing but the ground is too wet to consider cutting the grass.

    This year, we have, so far, had an easy winter (the last two were, bad, and extremely awful, respectively). Last year, everything was growing six weeks late here where I live. There has been a lot of rain so far, it is quite cold this weekend.

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