I had a dream….last night I had a dream. I dreamt that I should look for two favourite scarves that had been missing for some months, behind a drawer. Remembering the dream, I pulled out the drawer today and found the two scarves! :DD

A small square green CD carrier also ‘disappeared’. Searching high and low in the house and the car, produced nothing. I resigned myself to the loss and decided to create more copy CD’s. I reckoned a small padded cold food bag would do to transport them in. Then, this week hubby appeared with his arms full from emptying the inner sanctum of the car. And of course, there in his arms was a recognisable shade of green…my CD carrier. Now, I can add to the noise collection, instead of starting from scratch. 🙂

My receipt from the checkout of the grocery shop I was leaving, indicated I had been undercharged 75 pence. I had a quick discreet chat with the assistant who served me and sorted out the deficiency.

I visited another store about an hour later, I was charged for something unrecognisable; everything I had bought was on the receipt plus an unknown item. At the customer service desk, the assistant was very puzzled. She couldn’t find any answers and called for a more senior member of staff, who became equally as mystified and suggested I receive repayment anyway. Thinking better of it, she then called for the customer services manager. The manager freed up the other two assistants to continue to figure out what the unknown product on my receipt might be.
The computers clunked and clicked exceedingly slow. :zz: Half an hour passed, heaven only knows how many search terms were tried with the system in that time. Eureka! A result: I had been charged for a product, a type of apple, the store did not stock, therefore, I could not possibly have bought it. Not only did I receive the refund due, but the three members of staff absolutely insisted that I take a refund of double the money. :.

Last but not least, yesterday when making the bed I heard something gritty fall on the floor. I carried on with what I was doing. Oh ***t, my engagement ring caught on some material. I stopped in my tracks. I examined the ring and found the claws were retaining fresh air. Panic! The grit that I heard fall was the gemstone. I did find it and both ring and stone are now in a safe place. Just think, the separation of the stone from my ring could have happened away from home. I say to myself, lucky or what?



0 thoughts on “LUCKY OR WHAT?

  1. 🙄 I like Gilly’s word…’concatenation’….Certainly makes one think…..Most people might well say….’Lucky You’! YOU experienced these events….How does the experience leave you feeling?

  2. Yup it is a lot to happen in one week, a week in which we have been very busy indeed.

    The dream…similar events have occurred very occasionally over the years. It might have happened more often perhaps, if I had remembered other dreams; who knows?

  3. Good question:

    I’m tired from a lot of rushing around this week. There’s a mixture of sensations around resignation. acceptance and relief.

    Now for a rest!

  4. How interesting !

    It all sounds both playful and mischievous , but in the end , I think you are well and truly blessed – and never a dull moment 🙂

    Enjoy your rest :yes:


  5. Je pense non, mais peut-etre je suis sensitive.

    Il ya une autre possibilite en ce qui concerne les foulard, est qui est, quand j’ai arrete de penser a eux, mon cerveaux est devenu libre de introduire de nouvelles idees dans mon esprit.

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