A week ago today, I was taking the best of some unexpected summery weather and the very warm temperatures. This afternoon, snow arrived. At first there were a few faltering feathery flakes. It gradually built up to a steady downpour of wet flakes. As the volume increased, the snow changed into the settling kind. To paraphrase various transport services, perhaps this is the right kind of snow , just so long as it does not settle for too long and cause havoc.

I took this picture as the snowfall was starting to become notable. As I write this post this evening, there is a white covering over the fields, rooftops and cars.


It really is hard to believe that a week ago today, we were having a meal deal picnic in lovely warmth, and lapping up lots of natural sunshine (vitamin D).


  1. The weather is becoming increasingly strange. It’s similar here, after a beautiful week were all back to freezing with the heating on. Not good for the newborns or the insects, lots will be killed off in the sudden frosts. I do love snow though….it transforms everything…great if you don’t have to go out!xxxx

  2. Aach, you’ll be basking in the bathchairs again by Saturday.
    It chucked it down here for a while and the temperature is down to zero now. It’s snowing in Poland as well according to my mate the Lincoln Imp. There again, it’s snowing in Australia as well, in the Snowy Mountains, a month early this year. Strange weather at the world’s extremities, meanwhile Semarang is 32”c, humid and rainy. As usual.

  3. It’s been a bit like that here too – though changes not quite so dramatic. Disappointing to have snow arrive just when we thought spring here to stay 😦 Ah well …..

  4. Hello,

    Thanks for commenting, Lucy.

    I’m sure you’ll get off on holiday alright. I don’t know how widespread the snow forecast is. We certainly have it at the moment.

    Have a great holiday!

  5. The flowering plants are going to shiver, that’s for sure. The lambs ‘next door’ will be staying in the big barn with their mums till they’re strong enough to tolerate the temperatures, unless it suddenly gets a bit milder.

    We’ll see if ne’er casting a clout till May is out, holds good.

  6. Bathchairs….who has those? If I bask, a rarity these days, I use more recognisable portable seating as it usually lives in the Garage, not seeing daylight often.

    The global weather patterns are weird.

  7. I love your optimism…not sure that the weather forecasters quite flow with the time frame of your thoughts.

    Looking forward to more Spring then….. 🙂

  8. I know what you mean. After last year and the previous one, I am out of love with snow in any form, except a watery variety that disappears quickly. However, that said, you can’t take the beauty away from the diamond sparkles of fresh lain snow.

  9. We’ve had some very late snows in the past… but it’s part of spring. Sometimes it’s like a pendulum, going this way and that, till summer arrives. Surely, it won’t last long… and maybe that’s all the more reason to enjoy it for a while.

  10. We have a saying…’ne’er cast a clout till May is out’, which ties in nicely with what you say, Shimon.

    It is still cold, April showers are more than in evidence, some of them are hail showers.

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