We celebrate with great fanfare past wars, we celebrate the lives of those lost in past wars. Why oh why do we not celebrate peace?

Having followed our political masters’ instructions to top up fuel tanks and in some instances taken some to spare, thus creating a shortage in many places for a fear suggested rather than an actual fact, we have demonstrated that as a nation, masses of people are able to be manipulated. How will that knowledge and ability now be used?


0 thoughts on “WHY DID LEMMINGS DO IT?

  1. Indeed! WHY can we not celebrate Peace…? I suspect some would say we DO….Armistice Day…BUT…….:roll:
    And…:yes::yes: Recent events have shonw…once again…how easily the ‘masses’ are manipulated…

  2. Celebrating peace is a wonderful idea. Why indeed do we not do so? Probably something to do with being lemmings … the celebrations are to commemorate war, and we just follow, fearful perhaps of being badmouthed because we would like to do things differently. Remember the effort to have white poppies for peace within the past few years, and what happened to it?

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