Memories of Easters Gone By

As kids we used to boil and dye eggs when we were of a sensible age. We also painted eggs, it kept us pleasurably absorbed for hours.

I have memories of sparkly sugar eggs being introduced at some point. They had windows in them with scenes of mini chicks running around. I think we had them for two or three sequential years, then that type of confection disappeared. Chocolate eggs of all sizes became ubiquitous as post war austerity lessened. Our real fun was to awake to find a few coloured hens eggs scattered around on our bed covers. Anything else was an added extra.


0 thoughts on “Memories of Easters Gone By

  1. I also have similar experiences…especially when our children were little….now with grandchildren….Lovely memories…they come flooding back now that we’re getting on in years….;)

  2. Very colourful eggs and evocatively designed eggs. They are so evenly patterned across all, they appear to be industrially painted.

    I think painting and colouring hens eggs is an Eastern European and Scandinavian tradition.

    A happy Easter to you too!

  3. Hi LLC,

    Dyeing and painting eggs was pleasantly absorbing and a very creative activity. I once bought some plastic egg forms intending to recreate the pleasure, it was never successful, they just did not feel the same nor did they perform the same. The very best result came from real eggs. It can be done anytime in preparation for visiting youngsters big and small.

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