Symbolism,Farming and ?Ea

Why are egg and bunny shapes used to edify the Christian Easter celebration, (apart from commerce and marketing)? It often strikes me that these images are more items for a Harvest festival; food created from the use of the land and farming.

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  1. The Christian “Easter” is a stolen festival. Purloined from the pagans who celebrate procreation and the rebirth of Nature generally in the Northern Hemisphere Spring.
    As a festival it’s thousands of years older than the crucifixion of Jesus, so let’s just leave all this new-fangled cross stuff out of it please. It’s all about bunnies mating, birds’ eggs being laid and chicks being born.

    Technically, “Easter” has become a brand-name adopted by the Christian churches for their own devious purposes and labelled with their cruciform trade-mark.

  2. I am familiar with the Judaic celebration, which has other associations; also, I am aware that the Christian festivals are superimposed, as you say, upon others in order to submerge them into oblivion. Chocolate, bunnies, eggs etc seemed a bit awry. A softening of the crusading blow, perhaps!

  3. Blame the card makers. They’ve transformed the traditional country-folk’s crop calendar ideas into soppy stuff that sells more cards. The “bunny” comes from the “mad march hare” – a pagan signal from Nature indicating planting time and the other symbols relate back in similar ways: eggs becoming available to be collected from wild birds in the hedgerows, domesticated chickens, ducks etc. whose output was also more seasonal before selective breeding transformed them into machines.
    The earliest Easter eggs were decorated hard boiled chicken’s eggs. It was some chocolate firms idea to do a confectionery version. Until then people made their own as little ritual gifts.
    Another example of some businessperson creating a market for their massed-produced goodies.

  4. Yes, Plantpot, if you look under the veil, and you don’t have to look too far, you will find that superimposition of newer and alternative festivals was the name of the game.

    Also, in particular with Christianity, the sabbath day was moved by one day from Saturday to Sunday to dissociate it from its Judaic base. Easter has two prongs, the ancient and Pagan split and the Judaic divorce. Passover serves to recall a totally different event from the Christian event.

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