Symbolism-Farming… and Easter

Why are egg and bunny shapes used to edify the Christian Easter celebration, (apart from commerce and marketing)? It often strikes me that these images and symbols are more items for a Harvest festival; food created from the use of the land and farming.


0 thoughts on “Symbolism-Farming… and Easter

  1. Well, I take it the egg is a sign of new life – chicks hatching and all that. The Easter bunny is pure commercialism, as far as I know … is it based on anything at all? Are mother rabbits particularly prolific in spring??? It should really be Easter lambs, I think!

  2. Bunnies, like other wildlife, GillyK, find the kinder weather less stressful for their young. Weather-wise, it is all relative, depending on where you live and what you are acclimatised to. Cats and bunnies probably have a similar fecundity.

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