Two invitations in one go….

I think a lot of people will have received this one. The user is totally inappropriate and hopefully will disappear from the site. No, I definitely am not tempted to take up a pay day offer, and pictures of a formally (professionally) presented person will not seduce me in any way whatsoever.

Another invitation is interesting, in that it does not appear in my invitations page, it does not link to anything, I cannot accept it or deny it, so, it is likely an invitation to be wary of for now.


0 thoughts on “POP GOES THE WEASEL

  1. That first one rings a bell….Denied it twice…just had another this morning…..Denied….:roll: AND…a member of BCUK! I’ve marked as inappropriate…..

  2. Some invitations are weird and like you , I am neither impressed or amused .

    Some I simply delete or deny while others I flag as inappropriate .

    Some people must also think that BCUK is some sort of dating agency lol :))


    Some mothers do have ’em 🙄


  3. The first one I think is a scatter gun friends request for business purposes. The other one, two merged names, heaven only knows what that is, it might be ‘other’ business. It, too, has been deleted.

  4. I wonder if some mother’s had some of them, they might grab them by the scruff of their necks and raise dust from the seat of their pants.

    As for dating….. what is there to say!

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