Multiple Blogsters- The Current Workaround

It can be difficult filtering through multiple blogs that are attached to friends. It is a shame that blog does not have a system for separating them out. I have posted about this in the past and so has another blogger, GillyK. I was given guidance on a workaround that keeps me in contact with friends. I subscribe to specific blogs and the friend is able to subscribe to my blog. In this way, we receive an email notification of a posting on just one blog. Voila! We can keep in touch.

I hope that friends will understand. I will write you a PM to explain. As mentioned, I feel it would be much smoother for everyone, if there was a programme devised that would give us the option to connect up with specific blogs.

0 thoughts on “Multiple Blogsters- The Current Workaround

  1. I did try that with a couple of friends, but it became a real nuisance in the end so eventually went back to accepting all their various blogs…GBHs…XXX

  2. Hi Jenray,

    Thanks for reply. Your initial advice given to me on A+A, on the issue has proved invaluable to date. So far, I haven’t found any difficulties. Hopefully, none will arise. It’s also a great tool for testing out the waters sometimes with new contacts.


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