I wrote a post just before 7pm this evening. It has gone AWOL. :??: >:XX

We have been waiting for a parcel to be picked up, all day today. It’s a long, long 11am, though when I checked into the arrangements for the contractor, the company were surprised I’d been given a time. Hubby covered the afternoon shift.

We can leave the package on the doorstep to be uplifted, we were told, and the company would take the risk. We are not willing to leave an open invitation to anyone, that might suggest the house is empty, and anyway, I added for good measure, I did not think my insurance company would appreciate it either. That drew silence from the other end of the telephone.

You would say it was unreasonable, said the smooth voice at the other end, but pick up could be at any time up to 8pm. It id not stop me from vehemently agreeing how unreasonable it was.

Well, 8pm has been and gone and the parcel is still here.

The next uplift at my convenience, (believe it if you will) is set for up to 11am Wednesday 25th April 2012.

Been there, done that….now to wait for the next episode.


0 thoughts on “JUST BEEN THERE, DONE THAT…..

  1. What really annoys me is the way they make it sound as if it’s all for our convenience … when really it is about their inability to get organised. Good luck with that.

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