The beans were ground in my lovely old coffee grinder, I had water in the coffee filter machine, the filter was in place and I set the machine to work for my morning coffee.

It gurgled a bit, it puffed a bit, the water trickled into the pot. Then the phone rang and I took the call, an interesting one, that lasted about fifteen minutes.

A coffee,(late) was called for. I lifted the jug and poured into my waiting cup…… clear water at drinking temperature!!!!!

Okay, there was a silver lining; I had a fresh brew that had not been sitting for fifteen minutes waiting for me to drink. :yes:

And right now, I am departing from blog, to pour my next cuppa.



0 thoughts on “HAPPY GRINDING

  1. It is amusing; I have heard that running the water through a cycle to heat up the machine prior to brewing, can, and probably does, create a warmer end product than you might otherwise have.

    Another silver lining, perhaps. 🙂

  2. Hm…Your slippers must be exceptionally well balanced and comfortable to wear. :))

    As for senior moments, I have a preference for first considering distraction and distractions that sometimes create overload.

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