27th May 2005

Yesterday, (26th May 2005) I managed to slice an area of my right thumb. I did not realise just how important my thumb is to my daily requirements, apart from the fact I use it with my favoured right-hand. I was slicing an onion with a mandolin, and watching the base of my vegetable soup, cook. I had not taken proper precautions with the tool nor was my concentration where it should have been

I ended up at our local respite care hospital, where there should always be one member of staff adequately trained to undertake triage and deal with immediate needs. The first person I saw was fairly competent and confirmed what I knew, that there was nothing to stitch back, and she got on with the job of dressing the wound. She had a nice technique in bandaging. I was instructed to return at 10pm that evening for a clean dressing, since I was proving I had plenty of the red stuff.

The nurse I saw later, did not have a clue as to what to do and was asking me what I thought; I put it back to her to decide, so she removed all the dressings and proceeded to botch up a replacement. It would take too long to describe all that occurred (her first two attempts fell off), suffice to say, the second time round with me making suggestions and holding everything on with available digits, I ended up with an abomination of a job which no self-respecting professional should admit to. The nurse even took off her protective gloves – blaming the gloves for her incompetence!

28th May 2005

Everything underneath the top coverings has shifted as far as I can tell, and the main wadding which at the very least should form a covering over the actual wound, is on the opposite side to it. I have a wonky mountain peak at the top leaning the other way.

I have to return for a new dressing today sometime. I am seriously debating on whether to visit our small county general hospital twenty miles away to get it done and ask for some spare dressings, so a friend of mine, who is able do the job, can assist me to deal with the wound myself. :-/

As the dressing has got wet and is useless, I went up to the little local hospital early. I was pleased to see the competent nurse from yesterday on duty, though she was not pleased to see me. I was the only person in the waiting room and spent a long time there. When nurse finally returned, she glanced the site and decided to put another dressing over the wet one. The dressing should be left about two or three days to help generate healing,…. she said. Then nurse added, return tomorrow, but ring first, we could be busy. 88|

What you see is what I walked out of the wee hospital with. It proved impossible to keep the increased mountain of wadding and bandaging dry.

Thumb 002[1] copy 2Sunday

No, I wasn’t going to risk my thumb’s future well-being; Decision made, I drove twenty miles to the Emergency Room at the county hospital. I did not wait long. The nurse listened intently at my explanations, then set about divesting me of my wet thumb load. The nurse desperately tried to keep a straight face, she just had to leave the cubicle. There were three metal kidney dishes on the floor full of bandage and waddings! My exposed poor shrivelled thumb was not happy. U-(

A doctor came to see the exhibits on the floor and examine my thumb; he emphasised the wound had to be kept dry. (I would have put a thumbs up sign if I could have). He knew I had a long distance to travel, but, if I did not mind, he would prefer it, if his department looked after the injury, which meant returning for new dressings every third day. Did I mind; of course I didn’t!



0 thoughts on “THUMBS UP IN 2005

  1. Is this true!…damn, that’s scary if it is…I cut right down to the bone on my index finger slicing ham off the bone at least thirty years ago now and still have the scar, it was incredibly painful once the shock wore off!!…had to take a taxi to the hospital as all the men in the house, including my husband, were just leaving for a concert…they went to it, and put me in a taxi on my own…HLOL…lovely…butterfly stitches and a decent bandage sorted me out in the emergency department of the local hospital…how times change if this was your experience now!…are you scarred too? 🙂 GBHs…XXX

  2. This picture is true and it all happened in 2005. The whole experience was such a disgrace, I photographed it on a PC camera I had at the time, (hence, the low level pixelation). I sent the ‘evidence’ around the world.

    My thumb wound, which was underneath all of that wet white stuff, was also on the opposite side to the top of the gradient. The dressings were doing absolutely nothing, other than unnecessarily increasing the disability.

    There are scars, but with the right treatment from the County Hospital A+E department, the wound granulated and healed well. The nerve ends were numb for a good while.

    Like you, I took myself to the hospitals.

    C’est la vie.

  3. OUCH .. I felt pain as I read 😦

    Good on you for being loyal to your thumb . Keep on caring for it and taking it seriously. Happy healing .. a good sense of humour plays its part :yes: 🙂


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