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And then….

Rt Thumb 29 5 05 Wick healing anon2  005

And this is how it all looked after the thumb was skilfully nursed and dressed. It is, with small variations, how the wounded digit continued to look with changes of dressings, till such time as it no longer needed hospital care and supervision.

With sufficient changes of dress for continued minor care at home, I looked after my thumb myself.


0 thoughts on “PROPERLY DRESSED

  1. Hi Plantpot,

    The swelling you noted was extraordinarily disgraceful bandaging that no professional should have been allowed to perform, even in 2005. My digit did not look that distorted.

    As the thumb ‘happened’ in 2005, I can say, thank heavens it’s all well in the past. It was an ‘ouch’ at the time, in more ways than can be imagined with the initial incompetence at the local minor injuries unit. The A+E department at the County hospital twenty miles away, did a good rectification and healing job.

  2. Hi Mira,

    It’s very much in the past. The Thumb was sore at the time. Seven years on, it is just a memory.

    My operation next week, is something totally different. I probably won’t be online for a little while, or, at least, I may read but not be able to do much else.

  3. You are right Jenray, the level of nursing practice in the local place was scary. After that experience, I have chosen to visit the A+E twenty miles away when there has been a genuine need to do so. A forty miles round trip is the least of ones concerns, (unless you don’t have your own transport) at times like those

  4. we’re fortunate to have a hospital less than three miles away in Poole…I’ve had to go to A&E in an ambulance a couple of times for severe pains in my either my chest or gut and have been treated very well by the ambulance men first off, and then by A&E, but, if they decide to keep you in and you go there in the mid-evening, you can wait until past two in the morning for a bed and then be put in the men’s ward…LOL…nothing’s perfect…;) We don’t have a car, so grateful to have an A&E not to far away… GBHs…XXX

  5. I understand what you say; there comes a time when it is good to know supportive resources are not too far away.

    I did hear of someone with heart failure wait 40 minutes for one of the three ambulances that work around here. Her neighbour was a nurse who, luckily, was off-duty and who, applied the necessary techniques to bring some life flow back and did so, till help arrived.

    It is enough to make the scary even scarier, since we don’t have the departments in the county hospital that are in the regional one 120 miles South. The outline services are offered with outreach clinics that in themselves are limited to assessments. Other specialised needs, like neurological surgery are 200-300 miles away. Cardiac stuff like angioplasty, is now on offer at the regional hospital, not here though. I could list more, but there’s no point.

    We did experience a very helpful county orthopaedic service a year ago, previously non-existent, run as a ‘fracture’ clinic by a GP who has specialised knowledge from previous experience abroad. He’s just is not a member of the RCOS therefore, he can’t offer ‘orthopaedic’ outpatient services….but, what’s in a name when it works!

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