Quickly nipping in to say ‘cheerio for now’.

I’ll be chomping at the bit and posting again when allowed!


🙂 :wave:



0 thoughts on “CHEERS EVERYONE!

  1. A lot of colloquial language.

    ‘Nipping in’ calling in very briefly/quickly

    ‘Cheerio’ = A happy way to say ‘goodbye for now’

    ‘Chomping at the bit’ = metaphor (horses bite/chomp at the bit between their teeth). There are many other horse metaphors that are regularly used and are useful.

    Byeee = an affectation to ‘bye’ (contraction from goodbye)

    Must go now, my shoulder is sore, I have had a medical procedure (operation). I won’t type much for the time being. (a little while).

  2. You now understand why you did not understand.

    the horse metaphor is used in situations where you wish to describe you want to get going, moving, doing a task, doing something.

  3. Welcome back, and don’t worry about your typing…it won’t be any worse than mine currently…LOL…I can’t hit the right keys for love nor money!…:)) Take care and plenty of TLC for you…:) GBHs…XXX

  4. Thanks GillyK that’s very kind. How’s your thumb?

    I have posted once, that’s enough for now ‘it’ tells me. I’m reading other posts now and then.


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