I am not racist, far from it, but, the latest spin from the major public relations units is making a bad situation worse. It could not be more embarrassingly ludicrous and out of touch.

Do the public relations people, working for the people in power, think that if they get the dummies (Senior police spokespeople) to say it often enough we will all absolutely believe it! They must think we are a nation that is so easily manipulated that we cannot think. Or maybe we are not meant to think; we are not meant to think what they think is the unthinkable, therefore we will not make utterances that could disturb the the peace. There has even been very obvious selective research quoted to support their statements that there is no racial dimension to the sex vice ring currently in the news. How crass can it get.

Perhaps if I say this often enough, I will get a sensible response. If it baas like a sheep and it looks like a sheep, it is a sheep; if it quacks like a duck and looks like one, it is a duck. And as shown in my recent post, if it coos like a dove and looks like a dove, it is one. They may all be different colours and breeds, which differentiates them…but they are what they are.

Of course the current case of the child sex ring is ethnically and racially rooted. As the judge said in his summing up of this frightening case, the men involved in grooming and using these vulnerable young girls, would not organise to do it to their own ethnic community girls.

The NSPCC spokesperson was quoted with sensible comments, (at last) before the judge in the case summarised it. He added, there is a disproportionate representation of ethnic offenders in prison. That said, to maintain a balance here, they are not all sex offenders. However, there are both white and other ethnic groups who traffic sex in the UK, some of whom have been caught and imprisoned.

When dealing with sex offending, you ignore the racial and ethnic elements of these offences at public peril. There is a lot of useful knowledge in understanding the various cultural backgrounds and, therefore, what additional distorted thinking supports the generation of these horrible offences. How you deal with sex offenders, will impact on everyone.

A public denial of what we can see and officially hear, of what is obvious to a sentient individual, and is a denial by a section of the very authorities who are supposed to be fearlessly upholding the law, is totally unacceptable. The message received is, they are running scared. Because of the racial features of this current case,they are working the broken record technique to death, through the media, to lull us into believing there are no racial features. Bullshit!



  1. Excellent post….and yes they are running scared these people who treat us all as if we are complete and utter idiots! They can try to keep everyone down and quiet all they like, but ultimately the truth always wins.

  2. walking on eggshells…they tried to balance it out by saying that 95% of paedophiles were white UK citizens…??? Not sure why somebody felt the need to put that in…I would also like to know what nationalities the white sex traders are that are mentioned…it’s such an ugly business, and so very sordid…these young girls are victims of people who are without any morality and they’re here in our country doing something that is totally outrageous…regardless of their ethnic origins, all predators like this should be given long sentences then deported immediately they’ve served their time if not from this country originally…could deter some from taking up this trade…GBHs…XXX

  3. Agreed…however, I am more dubious about the truth always winning and at times when it should. It is the one weakness in public perception which is always taken advantage of.

  4. It is a sad reflection on the structures of The State. It raises a large number of worrying questions about what public protections there are and how they are likely to be handled.

  5. The authorities have refused to publicise the statistics of the ethnic backgrounds of all types of offenders; collection of names alone won’t give gold standard information, but would go some way towards a good guestimate.

    As you rightly point out, ‘white’ (which of the shades?) does not just mean British. Sex offending covers a broad spectrum of sexually motivated offending, including paedophilia. It is generally tacitly acknowledged that only the tip of the iceberg is being seen. Vice rings are not the exclusive preserve of any one particular group, what might vary is the cultural and ethnic focus of offenders and the victims they produce.

  6. Hello Shimon,

    Synopsis. A group of Pakistani men and one Afghan, groomed vulnerable British children as young as 13 for sex amongst themselves and others. This particular group of girls were relatively easy to access and then use and abuse for their own purposes. Various forms of coercions were applied to keep the girls quiet. It is an act they would not have done with girls from their own community. What some families of all backgrounds may do in the privacy of the their homes is another story.

    Sadly, there was a similar vice ring exposed a couple of years ago in another City. Heaven and earth was moved to mute the ethnic make-up of the perpetrators.

    Not all the perpetrators have coloured or black skins, some are various shades of white. Some are British sex offenders, (an umbrella term) some are other Caucasian. When asked the detail of the make up of known sex offenders and types of sex offending, the authorities refused to issue the statistics.

    What is patently true, is, that there is an over-representation of ethnic prisoners serving sentences in our jails for all types of offending.

    There are other facets to this case, about the inaction of the authorities because they rejected a potential witness four years ago as being ‘unreliable’. I feel for the child who risked disclosing only to be rejected and so, be thrown back to the lions.

  7. It is a shocking situation and was ignored initially….I heard a discussion yesterday re this, an Asian woman was in total agreement with you.xxxx

  8. Hello PP,

    I was so frustrated and angry with the the nonsense about there being no race dimension to this case, I just had to get it out of my system. It is gratifying to see there is a large measure of accord with my feelings.

    Yes, this case could have been investigated 4 years earlier, however, the disclosing witness was deemed to be an unreliable witness by the CPS. This meant no-one took any further action from any source, and the child who took the risk to disclose was effectively thrown back into the lions’ den. How must she have felt, poor soul? It was and is an appalling state of affairs.


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