Our toaster gave up its elements to where ever toaster elements go. A web search produced relatively little, except expensive things, that didn’t seem worth the price. What’s in a name I growled to myself. On the continuing hunt for a new toaster, comparative shopping hubby called it, I was surprised at the choice available locally.

I really liked a relatively inexpensive, well made one I saw in a local grocery store, but it wouldn’t have fitted in the space available for a replacement toaster. It even had a bun warming rack, a feature I missed with the last one. In the end I plumped for a toaster that not only fits the space as if it were made for it, all the controls are at the right end, (no bun rack though) and it scanned at the till point £8 cheaper than the price label on the box, much to the assistant’s and my surprise. That made this toaster nearly £10 cheaper than at another store nearby. Amazing! 8|

The toaster’s controls tell you what they do, in English, instead of in the variable designs of international sign language that look like washing instructions for ‘warm up’, ‘defrost’ ‘cancel’ and ‘heat’ or, should that be ‘toast’.



0 thoughts on “SHOULD THAT BE TOAST

  1. LOL…we’ve got a very good four slice toaster and it was one of the cheapest and has a bun rack…think we picked it up at The Range, but also have a spare from Lidl’s…always rely on it to come up with the goods often just after we’ve had to buy something elsewhere…:)) The prices of some are absurd, but then that applies to 99% of all kitchen gadgets…you buy a name…we don’t but lots of people do…enjoy your new toaster..:) GBHs…XXX

  2. ‘LOL’ is very much in vogue just now. DC has begun an unintended train of acronymic changes. 😉

    Lidl’s had a nice toaster with rack. as it turned out, at the same price as the one I bought; the problem was where the controls sat, and apart from anything else, they would be extra awkward at present with post-op situation. In my space arrangements I can fit in a front control toaster, or one with controls on its side, well.

    The present day appliances don’t have durability do they. Both my cheap kettle, (bless) and the last toaster are in the demise zone within a couple of months of each other, both originally bought in the same time frame of each other. I thought the kettle did well, the plastic body became brittle and a crack developed. My best toaster lasted approx twelve years. The average life time now, seem to be about 4 years, with light use.

    I don’t know Range, there are many shopping outlets that are not available here. I have to resort to mail order very often, which, is why I checked the online possibilities first and then, was surprised with the current local choices. It wasn’t at all bad for a small area.

  3. Sanity is toast. That is such an interesting juxtaposition of ideas with layers of meanings that could easily be lost in translation. What fun 🙂

    I really enjoyed my breakfast toasted bread this morning. If I ask nicely, hubby may devise a bun rack for me, for the toaster, but how it will sit or be stored when not in use, could be a deterrent to pursuing the idea.

    Thanks for the applause….. taking bow.


  4. I felt bereft without a toaster…funny that. It’s not something I use every day, but it’s an appliance I like to have available for spontaneous use.

  5. I find kettles down here die far too quickly because of the hard water…even descaling them regularly doesn’t help, they eventually die from struggling to heat up through the inevitable build up…;) Toasters last much longer and we have toast at least three to four times a week so gets well used…:) Talking of long life, I’ve got a Phillip’s lady shave that has to be well over twenty years old now…now that’s lasting power…LOL…modern ones fall to pieces in a very short time…as you say inbuilt to last for no more than two to five years…disgraceful…Have a lovely day…GBHs…XXX

  6. It’s interesting to discover how many cultures never have toast and don’t know what we’re talking about – including Romanian.

    Ah, now maybe that’s the reason for … 🙄 … a lot of things!!

  7. As you are now getting the right sort of rain, from which the grains should benefit, there’s an even better chance that the right sort of bread may appear.


  8. Hi,

    Scaling isn’t an issue here, which is nice. I remember trying the descaling routines, it was never all that satisfactory. The older heavy kettles lasted longer even with some build up, but efficiency must have been affected.

    In-built obsolescence is a clever operation from one angle of design, especially as stuff is made to look so ‘reliable’, which, is dubious, as we know.

  9. What would the Romanians and others call food ‘burned ‘ over or in a fire or ‘cooked’ in an oven or under a grill if they exist? What about toasting forks?

    I would be loath to toast bread under a grill unless it was part of a process of creation, like, say, a Welsh rarebit, or a Croque Monsieur.

  10. definitely think my brain is dying…obsolescence is the word I was searching for when I was writing my last comment…LOL…couldn’t remember it for the life of me…I really do hate it when this happens, and all too frequently now…had a huge vocabulary once and forgetfulness of words is making it shrink rapidly…I don’t know whether it’s just age or whether it’s something more sinister…as it’s happening to Ray too, perhaps it is just age…;) It really is a bore getting old…LOL…Keep being told to slow down and accept it, but I really do object to it removing parts of me without my consent…;) GBHs…XXX

  11. They don’t do it at all. I was trying to make cheese on toast not long after we first arrived, living in rather primitive conditions in a village – no grill. So I made a cheese sandwich instead in the frying pan, much to the disgust of the Romanian boy sharing the accommodation – who showed me how I SHOULD be cooking :-/

  12. Why should you accept that built-in brain obsolescence has to be accepted by us. There are ways and means to keep on top of some decline, the more we use it the more likely we are to preserve it.

  13. Which was….?

    Whatever happened to the metal waffle irons to put into or over flames that were around last century, not all had waffle indents and were an alternative to toasted sandwich makers.

  14. I don’t but I do know that I’m far more forgetful than I was a few years ago…I do crosswords, and write a lot but every now and then a word slips out of my mind and it takes me ages to retrieve it…usually one I haven’t used for a long time so there may be something in the lack of usage of particular words…same with Ray…we both sit there trying to remember the particular word…LOL…and whether we like it or not, there is always a degree of memory loss as we age…but probably not because of senility but because we’re less active with the networks in our brains…for instance, I was a great consumer of science, philosophy, and theology books at one point, but I stopped reading them several years ago now, and have discovered that what I knew then has drifted away from me and it’s very hard to call upon again now…not all of it, obviously, but certainly a lot of it…sadly…I am very well read, and self educated, but sometimes I feel really stupid now when struggling to find a forgotten word…;) I look at the men and women in their seventies and eighties who are still active in their field of expertize and know that the only reason they are still able to do so is that they never stopped practicing what they were expert in…hmmm…I came down here and think I left my brain back where I came from…read sci-fi now and that’s stimulating but in a completely different way, but know I’ve lost a lot somewhere down the line…GBHs…XXX

  15. It’s rather disconcerting when these cognitive changes occur. We all experience them. We dance around rather like you describe. Sometimes, between us we’ll get a result, or, if we forget about whatever it is, memory, late in the day/s, pops up. The things we were pretty fluent with once, do disappear into the recesses of the mind, partly because we are not currently repeating the processes related to them. ‘Use it or lose it’ is an apt maxim. I find, sometimes, when talking with people who are, or recently have, worked in fields I have, that I can readily dig up appropriate points, much to my own surprise at times, then wonder how it happened. 🙂 Specialist or jargon language may not always surface, it’s not a loss, if it’s something you’ve been familiar with, you’ll still understand it.

    Studies of the past become less sharp because of lack of use and repetition. Some U3A groups provide a lot of stimulation at an unpressurised level and are sociable outings. Continuing studies for pleasure or interest also maintain brain agility. The brain’s plasticity is amazing.

  16. that’s exactly what I find…:) and partly relieved I can haul up the knowledge I did have, but it’s hard work sometimes, and I just don’t have enough people to discuss things with in depth, not that I ever did, but there were a few, here, apart from Ray, there’s nobody…not even here to have real in depth discussions with so I know I’m losing a lot…oh, well…I gets that’s the way life goes…and having no car around here really prevents joining all sorts of things, like U3A groups…buses stop running around here amazingly early and taxi fares have gone through the roof, so very limited now in my stimulating outlets…;) And I agree the brain’s plasticity is amazing and I wish I could use it more…:) GBHs…XXX

  17. Don’t the U3A groups meet early in the day as a general rule? We’re remote with few, if any, buses to where some of the meetings take place. I do wish there was one centre as a meeting point on this side of the woods, there would also need to be an equivalent on the other side too. However, that does not seem likely for now. People offer lifts where needed, if for the same interest group, though there are quirks with that sometimes. Some U3A’ers are doing 40-60 miles round trips to participate. Here, groups tend to start their thing about 2-2.30pm for about an hour and a half. Usually it’s all done and dusted by 4pm.

    I am debating whether to do something online, not yet though. The local small college has classes but nothing I want. There are people who take fitness things for the mature person, at various halls not in use inside school times, which, when I am able again, I will mosey into. It will be a case of finding things in some avenue or t’other.

  18. we might look into again, but I did check ours a while back and, getting to it, if I remember correctly, wasn’t easy and I really don’t want to start relying on people to give me lifts…from past experience that rarely works out…;) GBHs…XXX

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