Having let a man get past us in a narrow lane, hubby Signalled for me to move a bit closer, and said in low and confidential tones,

That guy is Melanie Pettle’s wife. :.

He must have thought my bemused look meant I required further explanation and went on, You know, the physiotherapist with the ‘leg’.

Er, dearest, I think Melanie Pettle has a husband. Do you mean the guy who went past us, is him?

Hubby; That’s what I said;

me; You did? :-/

hubby; Well, something like that.



0 thoughts on “ALL GENDERED UP

  1. they certainly aren’t!…HLOL…my lovely man comes out with some prize ones like yours…actually he has at all ages…:) Think though in the past, it was working nights that befuddled his brain during the day…:) GBHs…XXX

  2. Night and shift work can play havoc with anyone’s health and well-being. Some people handle it better than others for a long time. It becomes a way of life. I think that sort of working pattern does catch up with you.

  3. well, that and an undiagnosed under-active thyroid gland for seven years didn’t help the poor man!…was killing him slowly and painfully…if we hadn’t moved down here, I doubt whether he would be anywhere near as fit as he is now or maybe not even here…was diagnosed and treated within a month of moving down here!…changed his life around in three months…:) GBHs…XXX

  4. Lol…I’m forever going upstairs then gaze around in a dazed fassion wondering what I went up for, only to remember when I get to the bottom….and forget when I go back up again!xxxx

  5. oh, you’ve no idea…he had chronic bronchitis about every six weeks, he lost his hair, he had severe asthma and it affected his brain too…untreated thyroid problems can lead to dementia, as well as other really nasty effects, all of which affected him…poor man…and it was so hard on the family too having him so ill so often…now, he’s a changed a man totally health wise and brain wise too…:) Just lapses occasionally in the latter that we all have..:) GBHs…XXX

  6. I have seen the affects of thyroid neglect and the ‘miraculous’ recoveries. It is hard on the sufferer and extremely difficult for the families, especially when it is an aspect of community health that is easy to check upon and prevent from getting to stages where it becomes an expense on health systems and an expensive drain on carers and loved ones.

    Sadly, many aspects of health are not first line checks. We are though, very lucky to have the services we do have, irrespective of the lapses.

  7. couldn’t agree more, ardent supporter of the NHS, but the government has its priorities completely wrong…spending massive amounts on the likes of Trident instead of on health care strikes me as totally self defeating…what the heck are you defending if you don’t have a healthy population to defend? GBHs…XXX

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