If it was April first, (all fools day) I would have been highly suspicious of this bit of news.

The Chinese, demonstrating the need to improve public hygiene, have decreed that there must not be more than two flies at any one time in public toilets. Not being familiar with Chinese public toilets I am unable to assess what improvements this might make, apart, of course, there being a limited number of flies bothering any one individual who feels the urge to relieve themselves.

Thinking about how a reduction in flying flies might be achieved is another mind boggling aspect, which was not touched upon in the announcement. Would this health and hygiene requirement provide extra employment? Perhaps training for fly swatters is taking place across the many miles of China as I write. The swatting hordes could descend where needed at any given time.


The simplest way to execute most flies, in all probability, is to install equipment like glue boards, or ‘Insectocuters’, like those we see in restaurants and kitchens. They spit every time they score a success. I would guess that the Chinese make the technology for export. But would they employ it for their own services?


0 thoughts on “BEING FLY

  1. LOL…sorry, menhir, had a laugh about this post…hmmm…I can think of better things the Chinese should stop…like using all sorts of endangered animals for medicinal purposes and sexual pick-me-ups…literally…:( Flies I would not have thought of…:) GBHs…XXX

  2. Please be my guest and enjoy! I was totally incredulous when I heard about the decree. Swatting flies while having a piddle or a poo would be a feat in itself.


  3. I heard this on the radio and actually thought it to be very funny, however, a good friend of mine was recently in China and said it’s for real…..apparently she saw zillions of flies in the loos:)x

  4. Out of interest, did your friend give you any description of her experiences of China’s public toilets, how they presented and so on?

    I have had a variety of public WC experiences on my travels, over the decades, some more ‘interesting’ than others.

  5. J’ai un petit problem de comprendre ce qui tu veux dire.

    Je comprend le premier reponse, si il est pour le ‘spies on the wall’, (it would be very clever) mais le deuxieme response, pour mois, il n’est pas claire. Remember we are talking about China’s decree about hygiene in China’s public toilets.

  6. In St Petersburg, nine years ago, the advice given in most good guide books, was to avoid public toilets. The one I used in desperation, was a portable type, a blue cubicle chemical loo, that was chemically challenged!

  7. I’m not surprised.

    I shall have to see if I can find some illustrations of what the intrepid traveller is facing; I wonder if Google can rise to the challenge.


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