I cannot believe that some perverse hidden committee, put Eng. Humperdinck forward as the face of Britain for a competition held last weekend. What next! That’s an easy one to answer; whoever has these diverse ideas is considering approaching Sir Cliff Richard for next year, (already!) If he has any personal dignity, Cliff Richard should decline the offer.

Okay, I know the Russian Babushkas came second in the competition. Not having watched it, I am not in a position to comment on their skills and novelty value. I gave up any interest in the Eurovision Song Contest in my relative youth. Quite honestly, I believe there are a number of other people who should do the same.




  1. :)) I gave up watching Eurovision years ago….Heard/Read about folks being canvassed from ‘Has Been Village’….;)
    P.S. Had notification of this post!

  2. Im afraid I did watch it trying to see if poor old Hump could change things around 🙄 felt sorry for him really not a hope in hell why can’t english folk write some decent music and by the way the old ladies from Russia were quite good better than our redention at least :))

  3. I don’t think the problem lies with writing and composing talent in the British Isles, Lilian, we have tons of it.

    There are cost issues to participating in competitions like Eurovision, but, I think a certain level of petulance and mockery is creeping in, which, is boomeranging back on us.

  4. Hm, that’s the politics argument. There are other loathsome countries that do better on the points score.

    I do think, as a non-watcher, it’s time the competition song was opened up to the British public for some level of selection and that the style of production was a 21st century one. Boom-bang-a-bang has had its day, way back when.

    I heard that the Swedish song – which I haven’t heard – was a number one download from the iTunes store well before competition night. There’s a lot of messages there.

  5. You and I loudly agree on those ideas, especially Eurovision in its present form. It’s a hybrid and we definitely haven’t learned to manage it, yet.

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