Imagine, I was invited out to dinner with friends and given a lovely gift by them as well.


It is a delightfully interesting plant. At home, I gazed at the plant with no thoughts cluttering up my mind. I found myself drawn to the petals; there was something different about them. I wanted to examine the detail of the petal more closely. It was why I took a couple of pictures of the plant. A magnifying glass would have done, but,it would not have been so relaxing to view the larger flowers at leisure. They looked terrific on the screen. The petals were clearly tubular.




  1. Indeed, GillyK, your thoughts are exactly the thinking behind the gift, so I was told…”a little something to cheer you up”.

    I am inordinately pleased to see the the plant’s flowers sit sunnily and pert in their pot on the table.

  2. I like new plants too. I discovered one at Silkstone garden centre that closed it’s petals when you touched the inside of them because it thought it was dark. The response time was immediate.

  3. Plant life is so surprising.

    This picture is of a quilled chrysanthemum, (there are others) which, is more of a florists confection I think, rather than a longstanding hardy perennial. Perhaps it could become one.

  4. 🙂 I think I was adding the inf for anybody who didn’t know what the plants were…including myself…as for being tubular and being ‘mum’…I’ve no idea whether there’s any significance…;) GBHs…XXX

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