My neighbour’s daughter just got her degree results She took a tough course, chemistry with physics, a straight through to masters programme, with a year’s input abroad working with a scientific research team. I’ve seen this girl grow from tiny baby, go through primary and secondary schools,and on to becoming a university student. It’s wonderful to be able to see our young people strike out and forge a place for themselves in life. Mum and I exchanged an excited hug….the newly graduated student has achieved a first class honours!

Throughout the year, there are individual educational achievements announced in the local paper. It can be seen there is a high percentage of young people who go on to higher education and further training, though, opportunities for work place training and apprenticeships have severely contracted over recent years. This is reflected nationwide. The issue of suitably and productively employing our home grown talent is an urgent one, and becoming ever more difficult to address.



  1. There appear to be very few job opps for the young now, I do pity them. They come out of uni with huge debt, no jobs and housing prices through the roof with no-one lending. It was so much easier for me. Free education, lots of work and affordable housing. Something does have to give.xxxxx

  2. well done to her, and I hope she finds a niche for herself…a very tough world now…I’ve had lots of friends with degrees who didn’t end up working in the degree subject they studied…I hope it works out for this young woman…:) GBHs…XXX

  3. Fantastic news…:yes: We also have friends who young son…and daughters…have done very well…graduating with honours in physics and engineering….There is so much good talent coming through….

  4. I guess the mind-set about education and debt will have to change, into what, is not easy to say. Our education was never entirely free, it was not paid for up front. We, and our parents did pay through our taxes. Student numbers were not very high, the range of courses available was much narrower.

    Higher eduction student numbers did not increase exponentially till the 1990’s. New universities were created to meet the demands. It is from that decade the educated masses evolve and the expense of it. Then, student loans were introduced. While I am in favour of wide access to education, it does have to be managed and I don’t think this had been taken account of in the drive to get mass higher education up and running. These factors tend to be buried in the discussions and distort the history.

    There is a glum employment outlook for people at all levels, leading to a displacement of ability at all levels.

    I wonder if our collective psyche of ownership will alter in the present and foreseeable climate.

    Meantime, the new graduate of whom I speak, has her next steps set.

  5. There is a lot of great talent developing. There are young people here, who are taking very demanding courses, there’s a regular trickle who gain places at one of two course available in the subject of interest.

    One recent year, three students from this area,from the same State high school, gained top awards from a well known university.

    I do marvel at what I see and hear of all our local youngsters, whatever level they achieve at. Their teachers deserve an accolade too.

  6. I’m always glad to hear of young people doing well,especially from comprehensives and state schools.My neighbours grandson is doing his A levels and has just won a seat on the local Council at 18 years old.. amazing.

  7. Wonderful news! Every good wish to her. I hope that by the time she finishes her doctorate the employment situation will have changed for the better: our son is still unemployed a year after he gained his. However, he is now set fair to do his PGCE in the autumn. Otherwise it would be a bleak outlook.

  8. It’s lovely to hear such positive news as this and so important that we all encourage young people to be the best that they can be. We live in such a rapidly changing world, the key is to be as adaptable as is possible, and having decent qualifications will help with this. x

  9. It’s excellent news. She has always been very focussed and together with her undoubted abilities, her value was noticed and appreciated.


  10. Good for neighbour’s grandson…the good reference point for future development.

    The vast majority kids who school here go to one of two State high schools in the county, apart from a very few who are home-schooled, or, the occasional one, who may take a daily trip of 60 miles each way to the next nearest State school. There is not a range of schooling choices like in a highly populated area.

  11. I am glad to hear of the move your son is making. Apart from the probable benefits to the teaching profession, the workplace skills learned and developed will always be useful and portable.

    In general, there is a qualifications displacement in the world of work.

  12. You are so right about adaptability JW. The qualifications displacement, as I mentioned to another commenter, will take a leap of the psyche to move along with, especially when you are just striking out with new found talents under your belt. It was much as such in the recessions we have previously experienced, though, probably this deeper recession will take much longer to resolve.

    There will be a gearing up of education to primarily focus on what might work.

  13. I so agree menhir alot of our youth are very hardworking striving to get good results in their exams your neighbour’s daughter is a prime example well done her 🙂 her family must be so proud :yes: ok the job market is difficult but if you get good grades Im sure this will eventually get them good jobs 🙂

  14. You are spot on about the family’s joy, Lilian1. This lass will be fine, I am sure. It is not so easy to be assured about the majority avoiding the frustration of being either diverted from their talents when they are keen to develop them further, or, even getting started somewhere, with some tangible reward for their efforts, their efforts at all levels of the ladder.

  15. As you say, jobs for new graduates are few and far between – it can be very disheartening for young people as they look to embark on the next stage of their life after finishing at uni’ I have seen this happen to the daughter of a friend. Finding work becomes a full time occupation in itself!

  16. My second son has a diploma BTS (Brevet de technicien supérieur) in manufacturing. Six months work, six months paid unemployment, three months unemployment… And nothing after…

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