I have attended three funeral services led by a particular church Minister. Two were stirring and provocative, the stuff that crushing crusading zeal must have been made of. The most recent service was toned down, it was milder by comparison to the others. There was the exclusion clause that I have come to expect in services; a variation of… you are only a member of the ‘in-crowd’ and get the esoteric religious benefits, if, you believe as the Minister believes.

The recent sermon, based on the Twenty-Third Psalm, (King David’s Psalm) required a leap of belief, one that I could not muster. I even leafed through the bible placed on the ledge in the pew to try and find anything that might imply the conclusion drawn and delivered by the Minister. To remind you, the Psalm as printed in current British bibles, begins, ‘The Lord is my shepherd’.

The interpretation the Minister gave of “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I shall dwell in the house of The Lord, forever”, was…

If you, (us, the mourners) believe in Jesus Christ, who is ‘The Lord’, he will look after you, (us) in life and after death.

There is a fundamental misinterpretation in my view, and also, another variation of the exclusion clause I mentioned. King David was not contemporary with Christ; his Psalm of praise, if sung at the time of David’s own existence would be in a totally different time and religious context.


0 thoughts on “BEYOND BELIEF

  1. A rather simplistic ‘take’ on the psalm…but one to which ‘people of faith’ might well relate…..Often the case with ‘preachers’…or others…:roll:

  2. I hate it when they do that.. and as a matter of fact Christian’s took the Hebrew Bible and called it “The old Testament” and rewrote it to make it imply Jesus was definitely the Messiah.Maybe he was but the people rearranging and reinterpreting changed it ti Greek and it’s from that we get it here…….. a double translation…and that is open to introduce changes even if not intended…just try google translate and do into another language and back,,!!

  3. The interpretations of the Bible both written and vocal must be numerous. They are certainly affected by cultures and the varied views of the religious representatives of the periods in which these testaments have been developed. The UK tends towards The King James version, one meant to reach the people and create more religious democratic access to the masses, within the parameters acceptable to the King and the Church leaders.

    Permissions to move celebrations and festivals to overlay those of earlier beliefs and so muddy the waters, does not do much to instil confidence of any interpretation as being true. Reframing known testamentary information to suit a different one, is just too blatantly skewed.

    ‘forgive them, they know not what they do.’

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