I have just been reading around what wonderful improvements the Blog Admin Team say they are in the process of doing, will do, and have done.

The outstanding issues, as in those that stick out like a sore thumb still, and also those that need to be successfully addressed, are some of the bugs that BCUK state they have fixed and made better. Oh really?

Snails pace upload….they say fixed, some days ago. They should be sitting where I am and watching the connection circle endlessly twirl. I had no idea the slow upload had allegedly been fixed, it’s certainly done a good job of hiding its talents….it’s slower than ever at any time of day or evening.

Subscriptions; another problem area. It’s difficult to check this one, as in part, some of the people I did want to subscribe to, seem to have lost their blog based email subscription facility. If you have forgotten to include it in a re-designed site, it would be a good idea to see if you can install the ’email link’ subscription facility.

Hordes of spammers, both opportunist and pro account holders, (who gain access to our sites) are invading this site with impunity. There is no sign of anything remotely happening to deal with these abuses.




  1. We are striking on Monday 25th June menhir because of these nuisance spammers hoping the people at blog.co et al take note not hopeful but one must try 😉

  2. I and many others have joined the WE ARE STRIKING AGAINST SPAMMERS…

    and it has taken me 10 minutes to even try and get this post up and try and get my link to give to you….nuf said…

    errr…now 15 mins…and still trying to get my own blog up… and praying I have typed this right as it isn’t showing…. but I think the link is ….


    Blind tying to a blank page and waiting for it to load…sorry if not right but we all now what it is like.

    p xx off to bed as given up

  3. Actually physically striking is highlighting the issue here, that is, affirming dissatisfaction with the current operation of this site. It is veering towards the pathetic.
    What a pity.

  4. Having scouted around the other ‘admin’ sections of the site prompted my post. You will see that I have also commented on the so-called improvements and corrections.

    Raising awareness is no bad thing. It is sad to see a good blog site go belly up.

  5. ….We can but try JW. Much more of this spamming congestion, (all types) and turgid uploads, plus, plus, is destroying the efficacy of this site.

  6. Hello Shimon,

    Without a doubt, and the massive dissatisfaction the degeneration of the platform and facilities has generated confirms there is a large problem.

    It is such a shame to see a good thing go bad.

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