I have received a response to my previous post about the problems with the BCUK platform. Not only did it by-pass any filtering, (does it exist?) the comment landed squarely on my site, even by-passing the moderation I have set up. The commenter had no BCUK identity, nor was s/he known to me. The commenter was focussing on the spam discussion, explaining, that the majority of spammers do not do it properly and don’t have successful back links. This response was from a company that works in I.T security and shredding.

It proves two things; for the sophisticates in the nuisance and hassle business, they can get round any lightweight filtering that may be in place. The company that responded prove they can do it at liberty and probably create the back links they say the ‘amateurs’ do not. If they can, so will others.

Tempting as it was to leave the comment and its advertising in situ, I decided to edit out the comment from my site and delete it from my mail notifications as well. :>>

Generally,it seems, we are getting the nuisance and hassle deluge, but, we cannot be certain that some of those are not leaving noxious trails. The BCUK filtering gateways are wide open and letting in anything and everything. The nuisances do not have to make any effort to circumvent non-existent systems. If the filters were applied and were tightened up, this site would be considerably less weighted down.




  1. I’m a mere I.T. rookie but your post makes absolute sense to me….BCUK Team should surely be able to do something about these ‘probs/dangers’…:roll:

  2. It would make sense if the BCUK admin did become more slick. They have to maintain the confidence of their users, which they are not currently able to do.

  3. Hello Tylluan,

    How are you? Good to hear from you. I was not sure if you were still around on BCUK.

    There has always been some level of spamming, but, give the previous administration their due, it was kept down, and further reduced when two things happened in the early days. a) The type of spam that was allowed through the gateway was adduced as being offensive, and, b) the quantity of it grossly interfered with the functioning of the site. These two elements seem to be totally ignored with the present administration.

    There are ways of controlling spam – I wish it could be completely eliminated – which do not appear to be functioning with BCUK. Other blog sites have more than one system with which to block the spam bots mail shoots, explicit invitations and so on, as well as moderation. From experience, I can say that the additional features are pretty efficient.

    If I were to be cynical, I would say that BCUK have an interest in maintaining the status quo, however unacceptable it is to the genuine users of the site.

  4. Hello KW

    It’s not just viruses, trojans and the like, it’s the insidious nature of the takeover of the site by people, spammers, who are not interested in using it for genuine social purpose. Allowing so much of the trash entry should be addressed by BCUK admin as a matter of urgency. There is a matter of every genuine bloggers secure use to take account of.

    In addition, there are the added issues that have been bugging the site – snails’ pace uploads for one. At present, there appears to be a fair bit of disgruntlement.

    BTW, on another not totally unrelated topic, have you included an email subscription facility in your site lay out. I could not find one. Subscriptions is another topic that BCUK Admin say they have addressed. It will be interesting to see if what has been tinkered with, works.

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