Don’t know about you, but for Midsummer it’s cold and I feel really cold. I Pegged the washing on the line in double quick time. Oh yes, it was dry, for a couple of hours with a winter feel easterly wind, just enough blow for me to cope with and just enough blow to get some of the wet out of the wash. By lunch time there were fine droplets of rain; not enough wet though, to unpeg the laundry. I left it where it was.


It was bound to be cold, because the sheep have been sheared over the last two days. There’s always a drop in temperature when the woolly coats come off. Also, it was bound to be cold because I decided get out some summery clothes to wear and leave the heavier tops and trousers to hang in the cupboard.

There’s the same perversity with the sideshows, (a little fair with rides) which shows up twice a year. Without fail, if it isn’t dull and raining before the stalls pitch up, it sure will be once they are, and there’ll be little chance of positive change till the fair departs.

According to the official weather people, there was supposed to be a high of 11 degrees Celsius at the top of the day today. That would take some believing. Some nights this week temperatures were low, down at 4 degrees Celsius; not sure where tonight’s are plummeting to.

0 thoughts on “ODD WEATHER VANES…. Brrrrrr AND MORE

  1. Not as ‘coldish’ right down here on the South Coast! A bit cool today…though I’m still sporting a ‘shorts and sandals’..:>> Let’s hope for some more sunshine and warmth as the Summer Solstice ends….:roll:

  2. Lol…we seem to be having a similar problem…the circus is here…it rains!
    I’ve had washing out on the line…for…erm…three days now I’m truly ashamed to admit!!! xxxxx

  3. I checked the thermostat tonight in the house and the boiler fired at 12 degrees!! Both our sinuses were blocked up it was so cold in the house and we’ve had to put the heating on!! mid-Summer’s day and we’ve got the heating on!!…good grief…hmmm..stay warm, menhir..:) GBHs…XXX

  4. It is cool, but my friends on the east coast of the states are grappling with 100 degrees plus super high humidity, and I know darn well which I would prefer to have!:)

    Hopefully, more settled summer weather will surprise us soon. x

  5. There are times when leaving the sodden items pegged on the line is the pragmatic option. You kinda live in hope there might just be a brisk interlude after which the laundry will be at a preferential state to retrieve.

    I do wish we had some noticeable and sustained warmth: around 15 degrees C, is not too much to ask for even here, at this time of year.

  6. We’ve had our heating on as well. For two days this week we managed to keep it turned off, the other days, the heating fired up a bit later.

    Same wishes to you Jenray. xx

  7. Hello HanniB,

    The seasons are all over the place; the body is in need of some stability, brightness and warmth.

    You’re right cold, damp clothes are really uncomfortable.

    Thanks for calling in. 🙂

  8. Hi JW,

    Cool I don’t mind. Cold is for winter in my psyche and according to my body. We have had our heating completely off only two days this week. It has been too cold to be comfortable without it. Night temperatures have dropped as low as 4 degrees C here.

    100 degrees Fahrenheit is no fun.

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