The last time I looked in here was in …wait for it, oh deary me, 2009. That is three years ago.  I was using a different computer then.  In this time,I have changed computing platforms, took ages to get used to the new system.  At various points I thought I exhibited extreme patience with the inanimate object that seemed to be leading me a dance.   I felt totally disempowered.  Strange that, or, maybe, it isn’t.  If I were in a country where I did not understand the script or the language I would feel I was floundering in the same way, needing to find my feet.  It really was not that much different getting to grips with the new method of computing.

In my favour was the ability to use software, like word processing, find my way round various other programmes, very much after a fashion, till I could work out either by accident or, with a tip or two how to make something operate for me. Knowing how filing systems could work, and finding a smooth method for doing it, for example, almost became a cause celebre.  Some months in and numerous frustrations later, I explained the problems I was encountering to a friend with the same system. Oh, how I wished I had spoken up much sooner. A couple of little tweaks and I was a really happy bunny playing easily with the the filing process, like it was a new toy.

I reckon when you have got the the point where you can critically evaluate the parts of the system you regularly work with,  you’re getting places.  It’s a bit like having lived in a foreign land long enough, you know you’ve really arrived when you dream in the language.

So, here I am, three years later, not sure where my return here to WordPress is going to go; I do know though, that the train on this platform is just about to move on up the line.

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