I thought cutting down on words, generally refining my literature review for my university dissertation  and turning it inside out, was like cutting off a literary limb.  That was then.

Now, I am de-cluttering.  I have filled a tall recycling bin through this week with the reading material I spent hours of my life pouring over, analysing and  exploiting for quotes.  Did I really read all that quantity of stuff?  I must have done.  The job is not finished yet. There are still three ring binders to filter and slim down.  I want to merge five bulging ring binders  into two.  It means I must be ruthless and dispose of the masses of evidence of what I had to do to achieve my goal. I know deep down, I am going to have to eventually dispose of the reduced level of material I am holding on to as well.  I cannot quite let it all go, not yet.  At some stage, maybe all I will be left with, will be the course assignments and the copies of the final bound work I presented to the external examiners.

Old emotions have been stirred up from their resting place; this time though, I am not just refining my words, I am turfing out much of my work,  literally cutting down the material and turning it from the inside to out.

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