I took a break from trimming down my study papers. It was a bigger job than I had anticipated and one, which, requires inordinate determination from me to plod on and do it. I entertained myself to a bit of gardening while the weather was dry, not too windy, and not too chilly. I say ‘entertained‘, perhaps, what I should really admit to was giving myself a ‘healthy’ back ache. :-/

My little herb garden was looking a bit denuded, except for loads of weeds, grasses, a sage that survived last winter, a pot abundant with mint, and a bit of lovage. The pottery strawberry planter which I used for edible flowers just stood in the middle of it all, looking a bit mouldy, sad and out of place. Oh well, the result of my oohs and ouches, is not bad. The little corner is now looking a bit more cared for.

This is representative of the harvest I had from my wee patch, a couple of years ago.

P1030401 edible

I had better put on my thinking cap and decide what to do with ground after my next surge of paper de-cluttering, when, I am likely to be wanting to distract myself and needing to dive outside again for a bit of fresh air. And just for good measure, I shall use a knee mat or something similar to make my life as a fairweather gardener a bit cushier and kinder to me.




  1. Hello GillyK,

    What a nice surprise… to hear from you. Thank you for your comment. I enjoyed my corner of salads and edible flowers that year.

    Last year there was not enough warmth for anything much to grow for any length of time. This year is promising to be more of the same, the jet stream is seeing to that.

  2. Much needed Bushka. I’m cogitating on what might have time and be willing to grow into something with the temperatures and weather we have.

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