I was at a couple of garden centres last weekend, on the hunt for bedding plants. The busy time for those sales here, is about end of May – early June. This year has been a bit of a let down for this type of business, it’s been wet and too cold for plants.

I found one container of a type of plant I was interested in, in the first centre, (there were not many bedding plants around) the other container, the guy would not sell me because the plants were not saleable quality, something had been eating the leaves, and/or they were underdeveloped. I took them anyway, free of charge. I reckoned planting them was worth a try.

The second centre had lots bedding plants for sale, like Petunias and Mimulas, all at reduced prices. In addition to that, when I was at the till, the lady there, asked me if I was aware there was a special offer on…”No” says I, rather disingenuously, I thought, as I had seen the ‘reduced’ notice on the main door when I arrived. But, no, there was an offer I did not know about: some of the bedding plant selections were two for the price of one. I went home with far more plantlings than I had ground space for. 88|

So, in for a penny, in for a pound, as they say. The excesses were shared between a shaded natural corner where, I have, I hope, some less cultivated future growth developing under the ground. The remainder of the plantlings went into a flower box, and a large plant bowl. We shall see how it all does.

My Perennials are blooming really well, irrespective of the lack of sunshine and warmth.

Peony Rose Bush

If last year’s efforts are anything to go by, (early June plantings, not July like this year) I might just enjoy nature’s bounty for a short while.


I felt really tired when I had done my little bit for the garden. I finally relaxed into a chair after our evening meal, and we both ended up listening to BBC Radio 3 for the rest of the evening, to My Fair Lady, the musical, one of this year’s Promenade Concerts, (The Proms, at The Royal Albert Hall, London). It was excellent. In the interval, we had the benefit of hearing the discussion on the background to G.B Shaw’s play, (on which the musical is based) which was held earlier in the day. What a great way to use the time slot. :yes:

My Fair Lady is one repeat of a Proms performance I would like to see, (not just hear) on TV at some future date. The performance, without intervals, was a couple of hours. It would be good to settle down with it for an evening’s light entertainment, when the day’s have shortened, the night’s have drawn in, and when the plant life in the garden is resting. The very thought of it makes me smile.




  1. Than makes me smile I love my fair lady. And am glad you got to plant some this year we are in a drought now and nothing is doing good and I dont think my tomatoe plants are going to make it either. Anyway have a great week xxxx

  2. That sounds a good and fruitful excursion to the garden centres! Love your peonies. Also love your plans for the darker evenings. Sounds just right.

  3. There’s no fear of drought in the U.K. now. That said, even with all the flooding, rain, and consequential disruptions, a few regions maintained their drought restrictions from earlier in the year, till about ten days ago.

    When The Jet Stream Moves, we hope that weather patterns will balance themselves out on both sides of it,FTW.

  4. I sat on a ball in mine, for about 40 minutes, wrapped up against a cool-cold wind chill and read a bit of my current book. I got too chilled to stay out any longer.

    Let’s hope.


  5. Hi Mira,

    Good to hear from you.

    The pink pom-poms are Peony Roses. They are at the front of the house below the windows, along with other perennials, most of which flower; my Japanese trailing plant, grows variegated leaves, abundantly.

    The Calendula were last years harvest. They are shown in my small herb patch corner, it’s a bit like a very small allotment. The rest of the back garden is grass with some field orchids scattered through it. It’s all fenced off with a chain link fence to keep the farm livestock over on their side of the divide.



  6. Ah yes PEONY ROSES !!! They are SO beautiful. You are so lucky 🙂

    Calendula is such a wonderful plant – do you ever make tinctures or infused oils with it ? Great soothing healing properties. Apparently you can eat the petals , though I’ve not tried.



  7. I use the flower heads in salads. They perk up the presentation a treat! I haven’t made gels and tinctures, though, I have bought calendula creams that are good to use.

    The Peony Rose bush spent about three years doing nothing after I planted it. I was rather disappointed with it. Then one bud arrived and the following year two or three showed up. The bush has exponentially increased its flowering.



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