The security of the Olympic venues should have been totally managed from the centre, by that, I mean by the Government. What a cavalier attitude this Government has demonstrated to State Security. Lop it off, sub-contract it,abnegate the responsibility for it, by selling it at the cheapest price. There is a convenient whipping boy now, G4S, whose main error was accepting and signing an impossible contract. Their corporate vanity has been their undoing. :-/

The silver lining for the State, is that they can now be seen to be rescuing the security of the Olympic Games at a series of major events, in a number of spread out venues. The Government avoids a public slating for using the Armed Forces, by letting a private company create a wholesale security cock up. The Armed Forces and civilian police, many of whom are working towards unemployment, are to be thanked, we are to be grateful to them for stepping in to the breach, (not for being used). These people, who have appropriate experience and expertise, will be paid proper salaries. They will either have homes travelling distance from the venues, or temporary housing will be provided. None of them will be sheltering under bridges.

Conscripts have to turn up for work, and they are provided for. People who are trained on a Just In Time basis, who are unpaid and held on standby till they start a job have no incentive to be loyal to a company; they can go elsewhere, take part time jobs,start earning, nearer where they live. The pool of retired ex-service and police personnel will also walk away. They can find jobs through other agencies who will not leave them in employment limbo. :>

And last, but by no means least, there is a further big bonus for the Government. G4S’s penalty clauses mean the company will pay the Government and, presumably the police, for the security work undertaken. It’s win, win for the Government.



  1. I agree that its a poor state of affairs, but I’m not sure that G4 paying money back re’ services they are not providing = win win for govt. I imagine we the taxpayers via the govt have paid a massive fee to G4 for this contract, so surely we shouldn’t have to pay twice via Army and police wages without some recompense or am I missing your point?

  2. The Government will receive more recompense from G4S than the company have received in payments so far. They will still have their substantial management fee. GS4 readily admit though, they are going to take a huge loss hit with Olympic security the contract.

    the other point is, the media would have had a field day with use of Armed Services and police, many of whom are going to suffer the loss of jobs (reflecting what’s going on elsewhere in our society). With the abject failure of the private sector to do the job – remember we’ve have had it rammed down our throats that the private sector does everything better – a rescue has been required, with all sorts of warm feelings about it, while the whipping boys have proved a useful distraction to the underlying. situation. It could not have worked out better for the Government.

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