An echoing boom blasted out, then the follow-on sound of tumbling rock not far away could be heard. We stopped walking and looked at each other. ‘What the hell was that…I’m sure it was a gun”. As we were taking stock, another boom rung out, then another. Instinct wanted me to drop and lie flat. Instead, I looked around, then turned and said to hubby, “I think we are being shot at“. He agreed we had heard gunshots, but did not necessarily agree that we were the target practice. We could not see from where the shots came, and the directional line of shooting was not clear.

I noticed the golden Labrador dog we had passed on a pathway to a house, on the estate we were legitimately walking, was sitting very calmly, apparently no care in the world. Being as calm as it was, it must have been a trained gun dog. A short distance from the house was parked a 4X4 vehicle.

Close to where we stopped were two tents, both had closed flaps. The old army tent had a picnic table set up with elements of a snack visible. There were two empty chairs. There was also a pyramid tent with no sign of active life. As we took stock of the scene, another gun shot rang out. 88|

Looking back at the house, we saw a gun barrel peeping from the now, open front door, directed towards the rock face opposite. It seemed to us that the firearms user was attempting to scare us off our walk. We decided to walk on and visit the historic site at the end of the trail. Half way up a little hill we turned to look back again. This time, we saw five people at the doorway, including children. And still the barrel of what I believe was a rifle, could be seen moving up, down and around. The shooter did not come into view.

Not far from the historic monument, we could hear the low level .22 rifle popping sounds coming from a clay pigeon shoot. There was a warning red flag further on, a warning not to go past that point. There was a brisk warm wind, and the movement of the sea. Amongst all those sounds was the swishing and sotto voce rumble of a dozen large turning windmills.

So much for a walk through peaceful lush pastures with the tinkling of water streams running through, rising and tumbling over little waterfalls.


0 thoughts on “I THINK WE ARE BEING SHOT AT!

  1. It was very alarming experience JW. ‘Beware of visitors’, (not the dog) staying in holiday cottages, may well become a mantra of personal well-being.

  2. My goodness, what an intimidating experience – the worst thing that I’ve had disturb my walk in the countryside is youngsters on off road bikes and quads (noisy and dangerous to off lead dogs)

  3. It’ll be a long while before I venture that way again, Marika, mystery tour or not. It’s definitely ticked off anyone’s list, as far as I am concerned.

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