After yesterday’s experiences, be warned.  Beware of people in holiday cottages and not their dogs! At first, we thought we were being shot at; after about three or four shots, although it was difficult to gauge the trajectory of the shots, we reckoned that we were not the actual target practice.  Whoever was shooting, was out to scare us off land on which we were legitimately walking to reach an historic site.  As we approached a couple of  tents with their flaps tight shut, there were another couple of gun shots fired. We stopped and looked around.

There was a golden Labrador dog sitting peacefully in front of a house, (a holiday let) we had recently passed.  We deduced from its unperturbed demeanour, it must be a gun dog.  Just then, the front door opened and the barrel of a gun could be seen pointing straight ahead at cliffs opposite the house.  A couple more rounds were let off.  We carried on walking.


Mounting a small hill, we looked behind us again.  This time we saw five people at the front of the house, including children, and the dog. The gun barrel was still visible from the open doorway waving about, but, the shooter did not show him or her self.

When we got to the historic site, there were the more muted sounds of .22 guns/rifle shots, usually used for clay pigeon shoots, and the hum and growl of a dozen large windmills.

So much for a peaceful walk in a tranquil idyll…(not!)




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