I was introduced to this bird as you see it here. Hubby rescued  the fledgling pigeon from the river last week.  When he saw it, it was treading water.  He found its feet and claws were clogged up with a heavy  compound of matter, probably from the nest.  A bit of scouting around showed that the pigeon had tried to fledge from a nest that was resting on a pipe under a pier, not a viable haven for any young bird to safely move out from.  Hubby was not keen to place it back there, and certainly not without giving it a chance to dry out and get its feet and claws freed of the muck that was disabling it.

Young feathered friend

You can see its juvenile feathers sticking up.  Later, it was not averse to one finger gently stroking its head. The animal rescue society was not in the least bit interested  in assisting it or us.  we were instructed to return it to its nest. It did not matter that it was a not a viable situation.  You can bet your bottom dollar, if the bird had been a rare avian species, they would would have been tripping over themselves to assist.  The options were, as far as we could assess,  to put this healthy young bird in danger in the paths of predatory sea gulls, or, to hover a while to see if the pigeon parents were keen to make contact.  Hubby checked out the near nest environment on three occasions over a day and a half.  Meantime, birdie was kept in a box and hubby fed it on suitably prepared bird seed.  Once, he thought some interested pigeons were in the vicinity of the river, though over the other side of the river to where the unsafe nesting place was.

The pigeons wings seemed to grow stronger in a very short time.  It was allowed free reign in the garden to see what it would do.  The bird flew a near distance to the fence a few yards away, two or three times.

Then, with its confidence increasing, it took off, perched on the ridge tiles of a neighbour’s house for a while, seemingly taking its bearings.  We like to think that it was giving us a pigeon farewell, before it finally flew away.


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