I am moving my primary allegiance from BCUK to another blog I have on Blogger. I would love it, if you, my friends, would link up with my postings there. I can be followed on that blog, the address of which is,

There is an avalanche of spam flowing through BCUK which, must be having some effect on the blog site and its efficiency. Like many others, I have subscribed to the campaign to try and get the flow of spam checked. It has become increasingly difficult to load up posts and send comments. This is why, with regret, I am moving on.

Dear friends, some of you I have known a long time, I will be checking in to your posts as usual and commenting here and there, as I have always done. I would love to continue to hear from you all ‘over there’.




0 thoughts on “MOVING ON BUT NOT OUT

  1. So sorry to see you move on, but I’m signed up for your other blog and look forward to continuing the acquaintance which is one of my favourites 😉

  2. Thank you very much GillyK. I shall be calling in here to comment etc.

    I have found your other space and subscribed to it on WP. I’m still finding my way through the WP systems. You will probably find me to be more active on the blogspot site.


  3. I will definitely keep up with you. I understand completely why you have moved on. Given that I am away from blog land a lot during the next month, I will wait and see how things are at the beginning of September. x

  4. Just to make sure I am in contact with you, I have subscribed to your blog via email, Gardengirl.

    As subscribing has been an issue I raised in May this year, and just yesterday, I was advised it has now been fixed, let’s hope!

  5. The subscription seemed to work this morning, see my reply to your post.

    I have a similar subscription facility at Blogspot, so I hope that works efficiently!!! 🙄

  6. Oh Menhir, I am sad to see you moving from here, I am emotionally attached to the place and don’t feel able to move on. I hope to meet you in person one day, please keep in touch somehow.

  7. Hello Marika,

    I do understand your emotional attachment to BCUK.

    If you click on you’ll find my other blog. There is a follow by email subscription. If you do that, put your email address in the box, (it’s the same as the subscription facility here at BCUK) you’ll be able to keep abreast of my ‘doings’.

    In fact, what I shall do, Marika, is go to your site and see if you have a subscribe by email box, if so, I shall get mails of when you post.

    Thank you for your very kind sentiments.

  8. Oh dear, you don’t have a subscribe to your post by email. If you contact la_spice on the blogtips site (see my groups) she may be able to advise you on the steps to install a subscribe by email box on your blog page. It is handy to have it. It’s so long since I set mine up, I cannot remember how it was done. If I do recall how, I will let you know.


  9. I gradually lost my “English”. I understand less and less, what you write. Certainly because age. de Gaulle said ” La vieillesse est un naufrage “.

    It’s the reason because I leave no more comment.

    I wish you a good way.

  10. Je suis désolé de perdre le contact avec toi. Si tu peut aller à ‘google translate’,

    Il va rapidement aider à la traduction et la compréhension. Tu peut ‘couper et coller’ (?) en dit en Anglaise ‘cut and paste’, celui que t’ecrit. I do it. If you would like to keep our connection, this is a good way to do it, and keep away un naufrage 🙂

    Tu peut faire la connexion chez moi, si tu plait, a l’autre addresse.

  11. Je te remercie pour le lien (linck).

    J’ai un traducteur (reverso). Mais avant je ne traduisais que un mot par ci par là. Maintenant il faut que je traduise la moitié de ce que je lis. (Et la traduction n’est pas juste : taduction mot par mot).

    Je vais essayer google.

    Merci beaucoup. Bonne journée.

  12. C’était quand même mieux quand je comprenais presque tout.

    But it is the same for French. I sometimes have trouble understanding what I read or what I’m told. This is unfortunately only the beginning…

  13. Quelque des traducteurs sont grosse. Il est difficile (non, est presque impossible) de luis comprendre en nos langues meres! (mother tongues).

    Je peut apprendre en plus avec une bonne traducteur. I have not used it this time. 🙂

  14. I think I advised you that it was possible to subscribe to my Blogspot blog by subscribing by email. The wee box disappeared , however, I am delighted to say that an email subscription box is now back in function on my site. 🙄

    There is also a friends connect facility as well.


  15. Le début : cérébral vasculair accident (Stoke ?)in 2007, disability in 2008, early retirement in 2010.

    Only cognitive functions are affected…
    only recent memories are forgotten. I have no concentration, therefore, an understanding diminished.

    I tried the method of Japanese doctor (I do not remember his name). It is very tiring for my brain…

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