Went out to dinner at the home of friends. Left feeling hungry, that’s a first, and stopped off at an open late night store to buy a pre-packed salad dish and some bread. There was no plastic cutlery available, which is why I picked up the bread, so I could use it to sandwich the salad in. Then the late evening store manager found a metal spoon for me to eat with at no extra charge!


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    • I felt bad about feeling hungry. It is not usual. I can think of reasons why, and one was I saved up my appetite for the evening meal for it not to be satisfied. I’m now thinking about the weight I could have lost….

  1. That bowl of salad looks interesting! Edible flowers eh?
    I went for a meal with Hubs a few weeks ago and the food was dismal, I got a takeaway on the way home!xxxxx

    • Hey, that makes me feel a lot better, not just me then. Our night out was chez amis and it all kicked off a lot later than expected.

      I do have edible flowers in my little herb patch, even this year. I bought some strongly developed bedding plants to make sure I did. It’s been too cold for nasturtiums to show up on their own, I therefore, don’t have any of those.

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