It started off with a cheque from the bank, giving me a small amount of underpaid interest on an account that was closed.

Then the same week, at a self-service check-out, I was stuck because the machine told me my item was “priced too high”.

A few days later, unsolicited, the tax authorities sent me a refund of overpaid tax.


11 thoughts on “IN THREES

    • I’ve forgotten where the wee cheque went to, the account was long gone…no interest on the delayed amount though; can’t have everything I suppose.

      The check out item was tapped in as something else by the assistant, and came up priced at fifty pence.

      The tax refund, a bit bigger than the other two above, (it wouldn’t be hard) so being careful just in case the authorities decide they want it back!


  1. Just to let you know, I am have some problems with fully accessing my blogspot blog, also, on the back of that my gmail accounts. I hope the difficulties will resolve soon.


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