Dear Friends,

I am having some access problems with my other blog. If you have commented on a post, I shall reply as soon as I have sorted out the ‘spaghetti’ muddle. And you know how easy that is to untie (not!).


0 thoughts on “UNTYING SPAGHETTI

  1. Ca c’est un domage. J’ai recu tes comments avant? Si tu as un ‘open I.D.’ il est possible de lui ecrire. J’ai fermee la ouverture pour tout la monde, par-ce-que, j’ai recu beaucoup de spam. L’autre chose que je peut faire, est de installer un Captcha, ils sont impossible a utiliser de fois aussie pour moi! Pour cette raison, je prefere utiliser les comments seulment de ‘open I.D.’ Si il ne marche pas bien, je changera a la terrbile Captcha.

    J’ecoute des autres, que la Captcha est un bon enforcer, mais il bloq des comments des les vrai commentaires, par-ce-que il as des niveaux de difficulte de surmonter.

    If you can complete the open I.D. (that is fill in the details of your name and url, I believe) you will have free access to comment. I have locked out anonymous comments; they come especially from robots. Anyone who has an I.D. (identifier) can comment.

    It is lovely to hear from you. You can still send me private messages on this blogsite, when you wan to. I do receive notifications of private messages.



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