Prices surge up and over the top, but never slide down. The once a year seasonal contact becomes ever more expensive. Not everyone has access to internet technology, nor is everyone savvy with computers.The cost of posting a letter can be a burden when budgeting becomes ever tighter. Even some friends who say “email me” do not seem to realise that a reply to that all-important first one would be a definitive first step to securely sharing that once a year chat in another way. On the other hand, could the lack of communication be that the email address given was not quite right. Then again, if it was wrong, the mail would have dumped itself right back into my in-box; that has not happened.

I guess I shall just have to keep writing emails, trying to make contact, and hoping that someone, (preferably the right recipients) are reading what I send. I suppose, I should also send the regular snail mail card, as I have always done. I do want to keep the connections with my friends.



  1. Yes, it’s a dilemma. We tend to write a Christmas newsletter, mail it around to those on email, and post to those who don’t. Inevitably, some bounce back: either because we haven’t been told a new address, or because we failed to enter it into our address book system.

  2. In one instance, I have filed last January’s mailed reply that contained an email address that I used as written, with no reply to it. The writer asked to keep in future contact via email. Personally, with that one, I think it has more to do with hope over reality. Ho hum.

    • Hello Snowbird,

      I am cogitating in the same way. As you say, the costs are becoming difficult to justify. Additionally, there are greater needs around than two-way card sending to regular contacts. The number of new, close-to-home charitable needs and some of the international ones, are vying for attention.

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