The peanuts in the bird feeder are so water-logged after the amazing deluges of rain, the birds are showing disinterest by staying away. I’ll have to empty it. There will be better food around for the taking elsewhere in the neighbourhood.

Wishing everyone a Good and sweet 2013.


0 thoughts on “NUTS

  1. The feeders are the standard wire ones with lids. The feeder stand has arms, no roof, and a ton of cement holds the stand upright and in one place. It held in the recent gales/stormy weather. The wooden bird house with roof, gifted last year, is unlikely to see the light of day. It would fall at the first puff of wind.


  2. Hopefully Spring will not be too long in coming…and bring better weather….;
    May your 2013 bring you much joy and many blessings…. Hugs! 🙂

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