Snow and ice have arrived. We’re not isolated yet by the weather conditions. We are though, being cut off by bridge works on the only main tributary road. It was arbitrarily closed by the contractors, (they had over-run on their contract time), this closure being during the rush to work, and people trying to make hospital appointments. the closure caused delays of about 2.5 hours. Anyone travelling after 11.30am probably got to their destination without too much disruption.


0 thoughts on “CUT OFF BY WORK

  1. Must be so annoying when you are delayed by road/bridge works πŸ™„ I had to cancel a hospital appointment yesterday due to icy conditions I refuse to walk on icy pavements interesting to see if they noticed my cancellation on their answer phone πŸ˜‰ hope the weather doesnt get to severe where you are menhir ….

  2. Honestly, what marvellous timing. Not! Whereabouts in Scotland are you? How much snow is coming your way? Is there a possibility of being cut off if it gets too severe? Here’s hoping it doesn’t :no:

  3. What a pain….I hope the weather isn’t too unkind to you. It’s absolutely perishingly cold here. I’m trying to summon up the courage to walk the dogs. I have the heating on full blast but I’m still freezing.xxxxx

  4. Hi Lillian1.

    The weather is very icy; I don’t think temperatures rose above freezing today. The up side is bright sunny days, negotiated with care.

    As for travelling, I daren’t think too much about that.

  5. We can get cut off with landslips, flooding, too much snow, drifting(highly dangerous)broken down vehicles and accidents. If any of those things occur on the tributary road, their affect is noticeable. Now, we can add to that preparation for bridge/road works on that same road. As you say, Gillyk, Marvellous (Not!)

  6. Hi PP,

    I summoned up courage to go for a walk while the sun was out this afternoon, not that it raised temperatures. I truly know what you are feeling. We are compatriots in adverse cold conditions. :yes:

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