What I Was Doing Yesterday

Yesterday we had a day of snow blizzards. In the afternoon, there had been no let up, andI had to go out into the blizzard. I was not going to attempt to drive, and in any case, a little bit of challenging weather can be invigorating if you are dressed for it.

Could you guess, I asked in yesterday’s post, what I was doing. I changed out of my indoor gear, and dressed up in a pair of salopettes, an all-weather jacket with a hood, a scarf, hat, and waterproof footwear.

When I returned home, I took off all the heavy weather clothing, boots were left at the door, outdoor gear dripped in the bathroom, and I got dressed in my indoor clothes again.

As meercat says in the advertisement….”See, Simples



0 thoughts on “What I Was Doing Yesterday

  1. In some way, Lilian1, it used to be easier to go skiing abroad. Apart from travelling from the UK with the bulky clothes on, to the resort, you’d get dressed in the morning for the activities of the day and did not think about changing again till tea time. Also, I am sure I did not need to have lots of extra accessories.

    In the Cairngorms it was different, the temperatures and windchill were major factors. I still have the thermal mittens and balaclava I had to buy for the pleasure of being there.

  2. Salopettes are all-weather trousers. Mine are lined. Some are bib fronted, others are waisted with a certain amount of elasticity to allow for the various thicknesses of clothing that might be tucked in. The trousers usually have side zips at the bottom of each leg, with a storm flap, to allow for placing over boots, and they are used for mountain walking, ski pursuits and in my case, weather protection. They are waterproof and keep me dry. I kept them and my old ski jacket, nowhere near as technical as the current day ones, but did the trick then, and it does now.


  3. You are absolutely right, Jake, about using suitable clothing for the environmental conditions.

    The last three days, including today, we’ve had a false Spring. Temperatures were up to 10 Celsius today; it’s amazing for February. We’ve been making the most of it.


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