High School Arts

There were a few pieces of work that jumped out at you, there were others that made a more subtle impression. The art works and designs on show in the town hall gallery, were representative of a high standard of art work from a local Scottish high school, years two to six (years 8-12 in England). There were some extraordinary artistic skills on display; the translation of the world around you into colour schemes, objects, both figurative and semi-surreal, and paper sculptured pieces with paint finishes using various techniques.

A can-can dress made from heavy paper and painted deep red placed on a dressmaker’s dummy, was made without being measured to it, as a result, there was an attempt to adjust the dummy to the ‘designer piece.’ The bra cups (sitting a bit low because the dress straps were long ) would have fitted in well alongside Maddona’s stage clothes of earlier years, with their curled snake, or maybe, it was a fossil, at and around the centre point of the cup.

A small artwork section pictured a variety of make up. These works were so well done, you could tell, just by the variation of brash and bold colouring strokes, the artists had thoroughly enjoyed depicting the lipsticks, perfumes, and nail varnishes they had chosen.

There were two delicate hats, both eminently wearable and both unique. On one, the strips of cloth were hand-painted and they were secured together with curls of cream coloured starched mesh and a swaggering luna-mezza of grouse feathers in the centre of the curls, which picked out the colour theme. The other hat was designed out of soft open work tubing, about 2.5cm diameter. Fine strips of beige material with the tiniest light blue beads stitched on, highlighted some of the twists and turns of the hat shape.

There were only three art works by boys, one, a clever little sculpted piece made into a clock; there was a still life with lovely glass clarity achieved for his clear and green bottles. The other, was a development work board of fine workmanlike draughting of the final handicraft piece, also on show.


4 thoughts on “High School Arts

    • I take your point Gillyk. I felt that some were emerging talents, there were one or two exceptional pieces. As I knew who some of the artists names were attached to, I wondered if I had an unfair advantage, enough to bias me. On reflection, I think not. Mostly,the pieces I keep recalling, were created by youngsters I did not know.

  1. Hi Snowbird, I might have taken a camera if I had known we were going to the exhibition in advance of arriving there! That would be too easy though, wouldn’t it. I wouldn’t have had to rake around in the grey cells to describe some of what I saw, if I could have digitised some of it. 🙂

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