I took my camera out for an airing, in case anything took my interest during a beach walk with hubby. It was lovely that the sun came out and smiled on us. We also caught the turn of the tide. B)

Hubby walked on, when I stopped walking, as I spotted several things of interest, including shells. I examined my finds and clicked away with my camera. When I looked up, hubby had stopped. Oh that’s nice, I thought, he’s waiting for me. I caught up and expected to move on. We stood there; any particular reason…well, yes. He had noticed a shell, which was at his feet. I looked, it was quite a nice specimen. “It’s a shell.” He said. “Yes, it is.” I replied. And there we stood.

I had already taken some images that attracted me, and as nice as this shell was, it was not of any specific interest to me at that time. We looked at each other, continuing to agree it was a shell. It’s one of those moments when you just have to burst out laughing, in fact, we both did. So, message gently received I preferred to find my own articles, or, choose my own scenes, we ambled on down the beach. =>

Shell Sitting-in-Spume


0 thoughts on “OUT FOR AN AIRING

  1. Excellent photograph!
    I have heard these sorts of images that are of the tiniest objects being referred to as ‘intimate landscapes’. They really are rewarding to take and can be found anywhere, provided you know where to look!

  2. Tim, that’s is a compliment of the highest order imho, and thank you. I was fascinated with the setting of the shell in spume and all the textures. I was very pleased with the image when I downloaded it; I felt then it captured what I saw, looking again at it, I still think it does.

    I have never heard of intimate landscapes, I guess if you are a serious photographer, these labels would be familiar. I have learned something new.

    BTW I have a different main blogsite now, and do publish more pictures to it, if relevant to the post. The shell did appear on a post with a few other scenes/articles that caught my eye.

    Thanks for your comment Tim, it’s much appreciated.

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