Cameron’s palms greased up to the hilt by Murdoch and other press barons are now, definitely slimy.

If I were a victim of the gross press intrusion, like that which has been aired through the Leveson Enquiry, I know what I would be thinking of a leading representative of our so-called democracy. This man who stated he would be the champion of the victims of the horrendous press slander and intrusion, attempted to dilute the safeguards proposed against future horrible media behaviour. Additionally, Cameron did not want statute, nor any statutory underpinning of the loose medieval instrument he proposed in place of law, a Royal Charter. Left open and unguarded, a Charter could easily be quietly tampered with by ministers. Who needs a champion like him…. certainly not vulnerable and traduced people.

It speaks volumes for the coalition of the Labour party and the Liberal Democrats, that the preferred inter-party agreement which evolved in the early hours of Monday 18th March, does contain some statutory back-up to counter ministerial interference. Though not perfect, it was,finally hammered out in Ed Miliband’s office,together with Nick Clegg, both with their advisers. Oliver Letwin (Minister of State for Policy) attended for the Conservative party. The pressure group, ‘Hacked Off,’ representing the victims, have noted their approval of this agreement

The media barons still will not like it. They will not easily give up any of the power they have taken, (and been allowed to run with) without any authority to do so. >:XX

Cameron can now hold out both arms and say to his media handlers, “Hey boys, I tried to scupper the new regulation, you saw I did”. No doubt, he’ll be fervently hoping he has done enough to bank sufficient credit with the media barons, for them to ‘crown him’ at the next General Election. Politics is a very dirty business.



0 thoughts on “FROM GREASE TO SLIME

  1. Oh yes, we shall not forget in a hurry. Neither will the victims. Cameron is for ever slipping and sliding out of obligations. He will not be trusted again.

  2. Your view appears to align with many others. I do wonder though, thinking on past history, how long the memories of the electorate will be.

    On the other hand, what could a fickle electorate bring about?

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