The middle finger on my left hand has a medical dressing on it. It is amazing how frugal you can become in the use of words when it is necessary to skirt around an obstacle. Most times, this afternoon, I have managed a word or three in reply to emails and posts, or, just a couple of brief sentences. I am also very much watching my typed P’s and Q’s.

Finger Dressing


4 thoughts on “WATCHING MY P’s AND Q’s

  1. I hope it heals quickly, fingers have a habit of banging on everything and always seem to be in the danger zone when injured….and trying to wash anything…..xxxx

  2. Thanks Snowbird for your good wishes. I think the ‘banging and the washing anything’ are the most irritating factors with out-of-service fingers. You certainly become aware how much digits are used and what for ;).

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