My jungle walk with the Internet today was hard going; I had to cut through it, chopping masses of horrid creepers advertising all sorts of irritating things;

The worst of it was, I am still unsure how I got into that French knitted knotted root system. I am pretty sure I started out clear of all under and over growth.

A signpost for Chrome loomed out of the gloom. Go for it, I thought, so I did. I looped the loop, transferred all I wanted to the other side, or so I thought….did I heck, nope. I was caught in another darn knot.

Like the weary Prodigal, I went back, returning metaphorically, home. I had another bash at clearing the path of creepy adverts, and this time, I seem to have succeeded, or, maybe partly succeeded. It’s a good start. There’s just one little niggle, I defaulted my loyalty; now I have to find my way out of that one.



  1. I use Adblock+ but am not sure what is happening. It is a recent phenomenon. I am reporting every incident at the present time, hoping that Adblock will come up with some answer.

    I was rather hoping that transition to Chrome might be a a smooth one, but like many things on the net, (and in life) it is not… has to be negotiated and learned.


  2. Hi Frastw,

    It’s a little bit of a learning curve, transitioning to Chrome. It takes time. I wouldn’t advise defaulting to it, till you’re comfortable with it, if you go down that route.

  3. Hi Snowbird,

    I’m working on it, still. My blocking system seems to be the main culprit with the browser possibly overriding its previous efficacy. I am sending regular salvos (reports) to the blocking authors. x

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