In my well tried and trusted browser, I get straight and cleanly to my blog U.K page. In trying out a different browser – Chrome – I got ambushed by the videos that I have been reading other people’s experiences of. Their views are easy to appreciate. Now, I have to work out why one browser is more successful at warding off the marauding advertising videos than the other. This form of advertising is like have litter flung at you. It is meant to be really intrusive and it is. It is not difficult to work out why ‘who flung dung’ is flinging it.

What’s that saying………..oh yes, I remember………...How to make friends and influence people Perhaps that’s what ‘they’ believe they are doing.



  1. Exactly, Munzly, FF with Adblock+ does work like a dream… for that alone, I would not discard it. If Chrome reaches the same dizzy heights with similar blocking software, I may re-think, or use both!

    What a way to put off new users! Tho, if that includes all those commercial and inappropriate users, it could be an interesting unintended consequence for the site management.

  2. As I read this a video started to play unbidden. Does anybody really believe they sell stuff by doing this?

    There are good ways to advertise… and there are ways of simply flinging money away.

  3. A video started playing full blast the other day . I had several pages openand couldn’t work out where the noise was coming from . Once I did i also managed to locate the mute button and since then no trouble..


  4. Nice to speak to you again Tylluan; how are you?

    I agree with what you say. I cannot imagine an influx of potential genuine new users tolerating an introduction to BCUK,(nor probably the other global sites)with all those video trailers littering the path to contact or friendship. There will be unintended consequences, collateral losses,(some of them may even be beneficial for genuine bloggers, e.g a reduction in commercial posts/spam) but may not do what the commercial management want from their community users. Sure, some people will pay for pro to avoid the adverts, many others, I suspect, will not.

    It is a money-making venture which has every sign of going belly-up in its present form.

    I am writing this comment using my long term browser with Adblock and it works.

    STYA = (speak to you again). 🙂

  5. Hi Mira,

    I located a skip button, which purposely does not respond very promptly. However, when I got to the site I wanted to comment on, another two videos lurked, nothing to do with the post. I have no probs with Adblock together with FireFox, I am hoping I can operate Chrome with satisfaction in due course! :**:

    I am kind of tempted to look for a mute button, however, on this occasion I think I shall let it pass. I’ll bear it in mind though, should I find myself in the irritating position of being ambushed by ads.

  6. Hi Lilian1,

    Oh yes, I have used the combination for years that Munzly suggested and I can vouch for the fact it does work, and very well indeed. However, what I was doing was trying out a new browser, which I will have to experiment with to see if I can configure it to block out the rubbish as well as Firefox does.


  7. Interesting post – I use Chrome with Adblock and have no trouble with ads or videos at all … I stopped using Firefox because it was less reliable! Which is odd, compared with your experience and that of others here.

    How is your finger, by the way? Better, I hope :yes:

  8. Yes, Bushka, I have used FF and AdBlock for more years than I can remember, very successfully. It has to be reconfigured occasionally when there are catch-ups by the people who specialise in getting round barriers. It is definitely what should be recommended.

    However, I was testing out Chrome with my developing configurations of it. It had Adblock installed, though it seemed to be a version that did not operate well with Chrome. I have tweaked it and will test it out later. Meantime, for peace and sanity, I am writing to you using my usual tried and tested set up with FF. 🙂

  9. Funnily enough GillyK, I was aware of your set up and was thinking of what you previously said, as I wrote this post, and as I continued to explore Chrome.

    I have tried a tweak with Chrome+Adblock and will test it out some point later. Chrome is a bit different to FF to work with. I am at the familiarisation phase with it. It was a bit of an irritating surprise to be ambushed with videos both at start out on BCUK and on the commenting sites.

    Thanks for asking about finger – it misbehaved a bit on the route to betterment, but now, it is trotting along as it should.

  10. I can see why – the art form is a giggle. There was a advert on telly umpteen years ago for a lager. It introduced finger characters. They were very clever and very funny, (they could work in colour and monochrome). If I watched the particular channel they appeared on, in the ad break I hoped I would be entertained by them!


  11. Hi PP,

    Firefox (Mozilla) together with the latest version of AdBlock (a separate download for the browser) is the combination that nearly always works for me. There have been hiccups when AdBlock needed updating because of clever people who make it their crusade to breakthrough the protection barrier. AdBlock have always been quick to take on board the issues and deal with them. You have to download the right version, i.e one for Firefox, or, one for whichever browser you are using.

    I haven’t yet tried Chrome with my latest tweak with AdBlock, though, I promise myself I will. It’s too easy to stay with what I know works, even if it isn’t said to be the speediest gizmo on the block. I can’t say I have had any problems with the speed of flow with FF.

    Have you tried the combination suggested? You often get more than one type of Adblock to download (free). The one that sounds the most ‘with it’ with bells and whistles, is the one I would go for.

    I’d be interested to hear how you get on. xx

  12. There’s no question that the powers at BCUK need to listen to their customers…..One of the reasons I only blog once a week these days is because of so many problems with the site, and that I am very busy.

    Good luck:)x

  13. It will be interesting, Janet, to see how the advertising mess pans out.

    The global sites, (presumably, all of them advertising like we see) and us, will become an advertisers paradise and a bloggers nightmare, if the process develops in the current manner.

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